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Greener Rd. No. 128884.
« on: March 02, 2012, 07:27:29 PM »
Looking at this piece, I can't think there's anyone who'd doubt that the No. was 128834  -  but it's missing from Thompson etc., so I thought I'd check the records, and then tell everyone to add it to their list.
In the event, it turns out that 128834 is for a textile design of some sort, and it took a few attempts at possible alternatives to realize the No. is in fact 128884.                 Trouble is that however long I look at it, the fifth digit still looks like a '3' -  so don't know whether this was an example of a mould with a genuinely incorrect No., or what  -  anyone else have experience of this particular Registration?
I haven't included a picture of the Register details  -  but can confirm that the page in question shows Class 4 (instead of Class 3) - and it seems that 128884 was included on the same day as 128882 and 128883 - so three Nos. allocated to Greener & Co. on the 17th of July 1889.   What each number was Registering, I've no idea - design, shape etc.
Attached are my own two pix. and one from the Representations Register  -  the size of this dish/bowl is c.6.5" long. :)


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