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Glass sailing boat - ID = Boehmische Glasfabrik Carlshuette

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I thought I post this for possible reference. I have seen quite a few of these over the years thought they may be Bagley (my next book) but not sure. Most have always had green sails if not missing.

This one has frosted clear sails which has a RD number which looks like  Reg No 812656, I have been on the Great Glass website and the number does not show.

If not Bagley could it be Czech I sure someone will quickly correct me I feel like it something I should know.

Please feel free to use any pictures if of interest .

Thanks Roy 

Ships from Bohemia...,2126.0.html

Nice.  8)

Thanks for putting me straight and for adding the link . The fact that the Reg 812656 did not show made me think was a inport reg or similar as a few other Czech piece carry

Thanks Roy

No problem, i remember it well, i had bought the boat from a second hand shop along with Walther Nymphen pieces and a Greta Lamp base. I think i must have paid about £8 for the lot at the time, which wasn't bad even though they were damaged.

Back then i knew nothing about these things and that's how i found this board and posted about them.

I might add that i was quite young at the time and had un-diagnosed AS along with other problems. I would often use cheap jokes as a form of communication.

Anyway, i'm really glad i joined this forum, i think the members really brought me out of my shell....

...and the glass is nice too.  ;D

Hello everyone,
Here is a photo of my Carlshuette Ship in amber.
Its eleven inches long (stern to bow) and over nine inches to the top of the mast!

Cheers meegs


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