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Author Topic: So, what should I definitely go and see in Prague? (Glass of course but where?)  (Read 1449 times)

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Offline astrid

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Hi all,

I've planned a little holiday in Prague in the midweek of April 16, and of course I want to feast my eyes on Czech glass as much as I can (wouldn't mind buying some either). Can you recommend museums, galleries, shops, etc that I should go and visit? Any particular exhibitions going on that I should know about?

I apologise if the topic isn't 'glass' enough, but I'll make up for it by showing off any pieces I might manage to acquire  :) 


Have a look at my collection online and see if you can set me straight on my identifications :

Offline Anik R

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Lucky lady!  I haven't been to Prague yet, so I'm keen on hearing the answers to your questions.  :)

Offline norman warbreck

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Hi Astrid
Wishing you a wonderful trip and may i suggest dropping Jindrich a line as he has all the information that one may wish whilst looking for glass and places of interest. He may also have a good stock that he may wish to speak to him 1st.
Jindrich was extremely kind to me when i visited Prague and what a trip one that i will remember for years to come.Stores to look out for....they have these stores that dont look like much, selling everthing from screws to the exciting pieces of glass.
During my trip i was fortunate to buy my first piece by Mr Vizner so wishing you a great trip

Kind regards

Offline Jindra8526

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Hi Astrid,
happy to hear you decided to visit Prague. I will try to support you a bit as all glass friends always. Please contact me through my mail at my web site.
Generaly, Prague has many shops with overpriced conterporary glass and overpriced antique shops. Glass regions are rather in Northern Bohemia (Kamenicky Senov = Steinschönau, Nový Bor = Haida or Jablonec n Nisou = Gablonz). But Prague itself is wonderful town, I hope you will like it.


Offline Fuhrman Glass

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I haven't been there for quite a few years but it is a great city. I ended up spending a great deal of time in Novy Bor, about 40-50KM from Prague. They had a couple of glass factories in that area and a couple of good galleries. They also have an exhibit of glass that has been made during the IGS, International Glass Symposiums at castle Lemberk. They also had a glass museum in Novy Bor and another in Kamenicky Senov. I attended the IGS in 1997 and it was amazing. The Crystalex factory was there, Eggermann factory and Ajeto, Lindava, factory as well. They also had a secondary glass school there and several galleries. The exhibit at the castle highlights pieces made by some of the very best in the last 30 years of contempoary glass from many countries. I would check to see that nay of these places are still open as I have not been there for many years and things change.


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