Author Topic: Help Pleas to identify Glass figures from Potsdam East Germany 1957/58  (Read 466 times)

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hey there,

i am looking for help to identify these animals and cocktail stirrers, they were bought in Potsdam East Germany in about 1957/58. There is a mouse band a duck band, swans storks, cocktail stirrers and others.

Any help at with this will be gratefully appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Tim, welcome to the board. I've removed your duplicate request from the German forum, as we ask that members only post an item once so we don't get confused. The right place to ask about an unknown item /items is here in Glass, once we know where something's from we can move it to a country forum. Your items may not all be from the same place either, so they might be worth posting separately. That way you can add closeups of each piece, as it's hard to make out any detail with a general shot like this.

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This is not really much of a puzzle.  The city of Lauscha in Thueringia was and is the largest producer of ,lampwork figures worldwide. And used to be in the GDR. Lampworked figures lined the otherwixe empty shops in those days. Good that you have a time frame with it - otherwise it can be quite difficult  to pinpoint.



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