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lovely butterfly
« on: March 26, 2012, 06:03:54 PM »
Hi there,

I thought I would post this lovely weight here.

The auction is now finished. I suspect that the seller is right and that it is a good Salvador Ysart weight. Some of the canes look a bit Paul Ysart to me, though. I wonder what people think.

By the way, it is just for info as I did not buy (or sell it). I did not even bid on it.


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Re: lovely butterfly
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2012, 11:11:20 AM »
There is one cane in that Salvador Butterfly weight that is quite often found in Paul Ysart's work. It is the black-centred orange daisy with translucent yellow outer.

This is an example of a cane that was pulled in the 1930s and "shared" between Salvador and Paul. It appears in several of Paul's weights that are dated to the 1930s and also some post-war ones. It also appears in a number of Salvador / Ysart Brothers (Vasart) items.

Some of the other canes in the Butterfly weight are known from pre-war Monart bottle stoppers (shape IE bottles) but are more often seen in Ysart Brothers (Vasart) items and hardly at all in Paul Ysart's weights.

As a point of interest, in the CPC Newlsetter no. 78, April 2002, there was a brief article on Salvador's "Floating Butterfly" weights. At that time CPC members knew of only ten in Britain and perhaps a few more in the USA.  Seven were illustrated in the article. Since then I have seen some more (can't recall right now how many) but I suspect there are still less than thirty of these weights known to members of the PCC (formerly CPC).

And I think I have only seen two others with "plain" wings. And probbaly no others with a spoke pattern to the base! So why did I not win this latest example? Mainly because I forgot to put a bid in ... but I already have three Salvador Floating Butterflies so best not to be too greedy. ;D

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Re: lovely butterfly
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2012, 06:15:42 PM »
Hi Kevin,

Many thanks for this. You confirmed what I thought...

Waow!! Three Salvador butterflies!!! :o So if they were approx. 30 examples made, you own 10% of the whole production. Not bad...



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