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Question about WMF modern tableware type production

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I know of WMF's art glass but wasn't aware until recently that they also make tableware etc...  a browse of Ivo's Miller's Glass Fact File A-Z tells me that WMF glass is unmarked except for some Ikora pieces.

Today I found two (apparently fairly modern) jam / honey / marmalade type glass pots, which each have on the base a moulded WMF mark and a (presumably) mould number below the name (one is 7 the other 8). The pots are glass with a jam jar type twist top to them onto which clips a clear acrylic flip top lid with a spoon slot. Each pot came with a clear acrylic spoon. They appear to have had little, if any, use so may be very new or older but kept in a cupboard. I've searched through the current WMF website and there's nothing like them in their current production.

Any ideas of the approx date of these would be welcome please. :)

Anne, I can't really help with dating these, but I looked in Lesley Jackson's book, and she only mentions labels, no moulded marks.

I can cite the last part of her text on WMF:
"... Since 1966 WMF has expanded into fields such as plastic and kitchen tools, and in 1975 it opened a manufacturing plant in Singapore ... The WMF glassworks at Geislingen closed in 1982. Since then glass sold under the WMF trade name ... has been manufactured at overseas plants."


Ive only seen that mark on pressed / moulded items. Possibly they date from the post 1975
time Michael mentions...  ???
ebay egg cups
Apart from the above egg cups Ive also seen (cheaply produced) clear glass vases.

Thank you Michael, that concurs with what Ivo says too, which is why I was mulling over the moulded marks on these and why I picked them up for reference. They look like they've been made in a bottle-plant (with the jam jar type necks) so perhaps the moulds are marked so they know they belong to WMF when they make them? And perhaps to stop them being sold elsewhere...

Dirk, yes these are moulded, the seams are evident. They are nice but not high quality.

One of the vases I mentioned has just popped up on ebay:


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