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Glass swallow/bird Is it Chalet ? ID = Yes, it is.

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I have not had any Chalet glass and after looking for this piece the only match I can find is Chalet. It is 6.5cm High and a shade over 11cm in length. Its not marked and I have shown the base which matches some I have seen with stickers on. Thanks.

Polite bump if no one minds. Are there any chalet collectors out there. I have looked at a lot now and I can really see why people would collect it.


I've got a few Chalet pieces, but not quite a collector. I do have the Chalet book, though. The head of the bird looks like the head of a bird in the Chalet book. I couldn't see a tail like that, though. All the birds there have colour in them, but a thread on the Chalet site says that some clear were made. I'd recommend posting on the Chalet site. Deborah, the site administrator, will surely tell you whether it's Chalet. The site is,


Hi, I also saw the ones with colour in and no mention of clear, that's why I'm unsure. I did see one with a swallow tail and it had a ridge running down the middle like these have. Everything says chalet but I need confirmation. I have registered on the chalet site and will update on here if I get an answer. Hope it is, would be a good find for 1 in a box of bits at a boot fair and no damage either  :D Thanks for the tips langhaugh. Pete

Hi there,

Yes - this is Chalet and you did get a good find. Chalet produced clear crystal lines of animals and other products for 2 distributors - one in Canada  (N.C. Cameron & Sons Ltd) and one for the mega Riekes Crisa out of Omaha, Nebraska. They also produced 2 huge lines of coloured animal figurines that were more typically distributed in Canada. Chalet was the first Canadian art glass sent to London for distribution - I do not have any details of what lines were sent and who the British distributor was. The distribution channel there only lasted a short time  - not more than 2 years. Your bird is not as common as another with a scissored tail (see below) but that was not unusual for the pure crystal pieces as the Americans wanted "different".

Hope that you continue to look at and appreciate Chalet. Now that you have found it - easy to become a fan!



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