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Glass swallow/bird Is it Chalet ? ID = Yes, it is.

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The problem is I only (or I'm only supposed to) buy to sell as its the only way to save  for my sons wedding. He cant get married in England, noooo, has to be Wales :D But I am finding it increasingly difficult to sell on as I am slowing turning into a collector. I have a stash of  pieces, and I seem to favour clear glass ??(don't tell the boss) Chalet Glass has caught my eye but will probably not see much up here in NE England. Very distinctive clarity and look to it. So sadly it will have to be moved on and I will only get to enjoy it a bit longer, except in photo's  :-[.

Thanks Deborah for the great and detailed info, it is appreciated.

Hi again Pete,

Interesting that you mentioned the clarity. Reason for that - actually crystal. Riekes Crisa insisted that Chalet increase the lead content in their pieces to over 24% as they were/are distributors of crystal. So they did across the board and we all still reaping the benefits

If you ever come across any Chalet history over there - let me know. Love to find out who handled their London distribution.

Stay in touch via the Chalet forum. You can still "look" even if you can't touch. :)


I have registered on the chalet forum and will be looking out for Chalet glass. It does hurt to sell on some pieces but needs must. If I find a good piece I would now see it as an investment (its what Im telling the boss : ) ) and display it. Thanks for your time Deborah.   Pete


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