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Canada - Ancient Glass Donation (Private Collection) from 12-4-2012



thought I would post this article about an Ancient Glassworks.  The Glass Museum in Toronto (Royal Ontario Musuem) lacked the space for this large collection for it, so it was suggested it come here - Which it did.

Here is the info on it, just click:  *THE MINDEN GLASS COLLECTION  Some Good Glass reading there.

Guess I should attend it to see it. ;)

Carolyn Preston:
Ooooh, wonder if any of it will be available to see in November. We'll be there for a family wedding (Yes, Rose, again. Same family different sister :-) )


flying free:
wow!  I looks to feature some amazing pieces - 75 in all.  I love these ancient vessels. 
Will you do a 'report' on it Rose?


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