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Large acid yellow ashtray with white swoosh


Large ashtray with semi-opaque yellow and opaque white glass.

The base is a ground out pontil, but only quite shallow.

flying free:
Hi these have been on the board a number of times a while ago - I think they have been id'd as Kamei Japan.  I'll search for a thread for you.
They are gorgeous bowls and come in red, green, yellow and purple I think.
Sorry, the pic isn't on the link but I'm pretty certain the link was a red with white like yours.,39710.msg219885.html#msg219885

Thank you so much 'm'. I knew I'd seen them somewhere before! Yes, the link was to an ebay acution.

Could a nice MOD put these in the attributed file?

Can also be found with 'Mount Royal Mechanise' labels, they were one of the companies importing these little Japanese bowls.



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