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Very Heavy Bark Textured Colourful Tumblers help

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:? I am getting myself very confused trying to find out the maker of these very heavy tumblers.They weigh  just short of 1lb each.(approx 14oz) Whitefirars, Iitala or who? There are 4 ?whiskey tumblers and 4 different colours, Smoke, Orange, blue and Amber. Each measure 3½ inches tall. Thanks for any help anyone can give
Below is a pic of just one


Hi Julie,

I have one in red, but taller.
Maker, Ingridglass, Germany (?)................well mine is anyhow.
Really heavy too.

Hi Della That was quick. :o Thanks for that.  :)
I was off getting more pics, decided maybe just the one pic wouldn't be enough.So took on of the base and one looking down inside.


I would definitely put your glasses onto  It's possible they come from the Glacier range, but coloured glasses in that range are as rare as hens teeth and I really don't know much about them.

For instance, I'm not even sure the coloured range was cased* as yours is.  But the bark effect on yours does seem to stop short of the upper rim, so it's worth a punt showing them to experts on as I said.  

They might want to see the other colours you have...  :?:

*cased means has a clear glass 'wrapper' ie it isn't solid red right down to the bottom.  :wink:

HI Max, thanks  I have done as you suggested.I went round and round circles for awhile trying to work out how to post over there, but think I got it worked out and posted in the correct place.


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