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Author Topic: Paul Ysart mystery?  (Read 1774 times)

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Offline Rvalter

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Paul Ysart mystery?
« on: April 02, 2006, 02:10:10 PM »
:? Greetings from rainy California!  I was so pleased to find this site and hope to learn much from the audience.  I am in the process of inventorying a 250 piece paperweight collection belonging to a relative who is nearing 90 and not the best of historians.  This wonderful man collected PW from all over the world, but had a special passion for Scottish maker's.  I have about a twenty from the region and am currently tackling the Paul Ysart pieces.......going blind finding the cane markings, but they are there!  One piece in particular is the focus of this posting.  In my uncle's notes he indicated this one particular Ysart as being from the Montcreiff Period. He stated it was purchased  in England in the early 1950's.  (Forgive my ignorant discription) The PW has a three inch diameter (76mm), rough pontil, and a greyish hue to the glass. The PW has a rich emerald color with multiple small canes in the center, and rather large white ones on the outside rim.  There are intertwined gold filigree rods separating large white and purplish large canes also on the outside row. The bottom shows obvious signs of use, though not damaged.   I shall try and attach a photograph (have yet to master photographing PW!) in the hopes it will offer up more information to the trained eye.  My question, I have enlisted the help of a "professional" locally and question his intentions regarding this particular piece.  He was quick to offer $150.00, to which I turned him down, as I explained that all the pieces in this collection had been (supposedly) thoroughly researched and this one was of interest to my Uncle as being one of his favorite "early Ysart's". My interest is not in selling and this man seemed a bit too eager!  I have done some research, but find it daunting to say the least.  Any information or resources that would best serve me in identification  would be appreciated..........I took a look at "KevH" website but still need more info.  

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Paul Ysart mystery?
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2006, 07:20:20 PM »
I am not surprised he is eager! $150 would be a bargain. If you go to the end of that link about pictures you will see the reference to the Yobunny site, managed by our user Anne, it is more reliable than Tinypic. Look forward to seeing the weights.

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Paul Ysart mystery?
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2006, 07:32:11 PM »
Hi "Rvalter", I'm glad to see you have posted here. I have not had much time this weekend to follow up on emails, so your last message to me has not been answered.

Is this the same weight that you sent me an image of?

The dark glass of the dome does indicate a likely 1930s date, but your excellent (if rather large) photo seemed to show the design very clearly and I thought the dome must be therefore be very clear.

Anyway, here is a great place to post images of any of the weights you need help with. If you have problems with getting the photos set up here, please send them to me by email and I will set them up for you.

Regarding values of Paul Ysart weights, even unsigned examples with basic millefiori patterns command much more than $150. Even the known fake PY weights sell these days for around $255 :!:

There are several paperweight sellers on the web, both in the US and the UK and many have examples of Ysart weights showing current retail prices. Some of the sellers are linked at the foot of my "KevH Glass" front page. Always good for a browse to keep pace with prices. :D

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