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Nemunas Glass Studio
« on: April 17, 2012, 11:11:50 PM »
Right now there is a paperweight on ebay (221001988110) signed "Nemunas" (without image of the signature).

A very similar weight was on Ricardo (670720838) signed "Wemuwas" - but seller is not sure (again without image of the signature).

A completely different weight from Nemunas is offered on dawanda (again without image of the signature).

freeshop-web mentions Nemunas in connection with Remi Glass (Remigijus Kriukas in Lithuania) ... (again without image of the signature).

Now - Nemunas is the Lithuanian name of a river (German = Memel) - so a connection to Lithuania makes sense. But ... I don't find any mention of Nemunas on the Remi Glass web site (although I have problems with their Lithuanian web page - their English pages seem to be gone).

Does anyone have any info on Nemunas Art Glass ?
Wolf Seelentag, St.Gallen
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