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Pressed glass top hat

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Any ideas who made this, please?

Clear glass but it's slightly yellow.

If anybody knows, I'll eat my hat.  :lol:

Thanks.  :)


I think that this hat originally came with salt and pepper shakers.  The shakers were flat on one side and rounded on the other to fit inside the hat.  Keep an eye on ebay, they come up once in a while.

Not a single idea on maker.



You are bonkers but I love you  

Top Cat

That brings back my childhood so vividly. You know it was so influential that the character 'Officer Dibble' became and still is common slang for police, especially in Manchester UK (I always wondered why there?)

Your Top hat is a match holder and striker - the clue is in the scored/ribbed band under the brim - I have had pieces like this and also versions where the scored band is on the brim itself.

I have had milk glass versions as well as clear glass - they are very collectable I sold one for over £35.00 on eBay about a year ago.

Yours is very desirable and cute.

Adam P

Totally insaney, I know.  :lol:

I think it's a match striker like you say, thank you.  :D

I often see glass with this yellow colour, does this mean it's made by a cheap maker or is it because it's very old? Thanks.

I found this on eBay:
Ebay Top hat

I think it's in the wrong section. It looks like Milk glass. It also looks as if it's had some sort of painted pattern on the top.


Maybe the wrong section, but it is in the porcelain section at least.

Pictures count so much as well - I can't see any of the detail.

It is a top hat match striker with the strike lines all around the body

The white glass one I show sold for over £30.00, I guess it's just on the day also maybe someone pinned the maker down to Sowerby in their head or something. If someone likes a thing they will pay for it, sometimes too much I used to think :roll:

I was teaching a guy to eBay last month and he bought (correction 'auctioned') a piece of glass that didn't sell with a start of £9.99 but went for £29.99 with a start of £2.99 second time around.

I like your top hat better Tiger, it's pressed or moulded glass made to mimic cut glass and really cute with the strike band made to look like a ribbon.

Often the clear depression/pressed glass has a yellow (or develops) tinge to it - Glen or another expert will be able to tell you why more than I can.



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