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"The Meriden Flint Glass Company - An Abundance of Glass" Diane Tobin


"The Meriden Flint Glass Company - An Abundance of Glass" by Diane Tobin.
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--- Quote ---Founded in 1876, the Meriden Flint Glass Company produced internationally renowned glass that adorned ornate lanterns, jewelry boxes, vases and many other intricate pieces. Although it was only in operation for a brief time, the company remains an important landmark in Meriden, Connecticut, as well as in the history of American glassmaking industry. Author Diane Tobin details the history of the company, drawing on extensive sources ranging from local Meriden papers to the personal diary of the company’s indefatigable leader, Joseph Bourne. Fascinating insights into how the famous glass was made, the role the company played in early labor movements and the growth of Meriden alongside it round out this exciting history of the Meriden Flint Glass Company.
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