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Chance Ashtray Robert GOODDEN - Superb design: functional,beautiful,made to last

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flying free:
I could have added this to another thread, but I think this deserves a thread on on it's own.  I like to buy most of our things second hand or 'pre-loved' and I like to use things that are well designed (obviously 'in my eyes' as I guess all these things are down to personal preference). 

To me that means functional foremost but also beautiful and of quality construction, made to last, and as an added extra should also be mould breaking in design or absolutely of it's time.

I bought this to add to my glass collection, but I do think these ashtrays fulfil all those criteria and are the most stunning piece of design. 

I had a green sludge coloured uranium one and sold it.  I have seen one in a superb yellow but at the time didn't buy it as it was chipped (and now I kick myself because I have never ever seen another).  This one is a lavender blue, more lavender in the flesh than the photo depicts.

 I do think they should be in the Design Museum. 

Agree with you 100%.

Can only add that it reminds me of the UNDERGROUND signs.

flying free:
yes you're right  :)

Great minds think alike,the one on the left is uv reactive ;D ;D

flying free:
I sold my uv one.  Regret it slightly  ::) but I'm hanging out to find another yellow one  ;D


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