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Chance Ashtray Robert GOODDEN - Superb design: functional,beautiful,made to last

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flying free:
yes they are one of  the two weirdest, not nicest, things about glass that I've come across - only superseded by  that icey type effect that looks like glue has been sprayed on and then a frosted coating which has all been pulled into v or fan shaped shapes at different angles all over it.  I couldn't actually bear to handle a piece of glass with that on.


When I was very young, our juice glasses were covered in bands of matthey crinkles.
I keep telling folk mother was a sadist.......... ;D

Don't like the idea of crinkles either,my blue one is marked 'Parker' the pale,non uv,green one is marked 'Fibreglass'

flying free:
my uv green one wasn't marked at all and it was a different mould to the blue one I think.  It had a sort of textured band round it.  I don't think the blue one has that - will go and check.

David E:

--- Quote from: keith on May 02, 2012, 12:40:56 PM ---Not seen a yellow one,how many colours did they do? ;D

--- End quote ---
Just adding to this thread as I have a little more to offer (missed it first time around).

A yellow one is unusual, so was this opaque or clear, M?

But of the colours I know of:

Green (Keith, if your other green one isn't uranium, this is probably later)
Opal White

Clear (flint)

Yellow crinkles onto clear

Apart from these there are many variations to the embossing on the base: Parker; Chance; Fibreglass; With Compliments of Chance (plus others). I also have two examples where the top ring is embossed. Additionally, there are some with transfers affixed and a few that are (ahem) tetradecagon (OK, that's 14-sided  ;) ) in a translucent blue. These appear in this thread.

A very deep-amber, which borders on being ruby. It also has a slightly different base, so could have been an early trial glass mix.
A clear glass one that's been engraved!

More will be revealed when the second book's released.


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