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Chance Ashtray Robert GOODDEN - Superb design: functional,beautiful,made to last

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Anne E.B.:
Fabulous Art Deco design!
One on ebay in clear glass with the Anstells' squirrel motiff (midland Brewery I think) no. 221171545535.

Tut,tut,Ansells please Anne and me being an ex Ansells beer drinker,didn't know any better then! ::) ;D ;D

David E:
Thanks for the update - but I just realised the spelling of 'GOODDEN' in the subject line is also wrong.

The one listed on eBay is not the Goodden one. Chance probably stopped making these in the 1960s, or even earlier, so the date of 1980s (assuming it is correct) would not figure either. I suspect this one was made by Nazeing, but I agree it is similar to the Goodden style (a side view would be quite helpful!)

flying free:
Is it?   :o
I remember double checking the spelling before posting but didn't use your site to check it.
Apologies.  It is spelt incorrectly elsewhere, which is where I checked. 
There is info on another designer called Robert Gooden.  Presumably that is where the incorrect spelling arose. 

David E:
It sure is with a double-D. See Chance Expressions, p.14

See his obit here:

Perfectly understandable mistake to make.


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