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Chance Ashtray Robert GOODDEN - Superb design: functional,beautiful,made to last

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flying free:
see here - spelt wrongly everywhere then

David E:
Not everywhere: Chance Expressions, p.14!  ;D

flying free:
So sorry David, I meant to say everywhere 'else' but got distracted.
Shall I report to mods and ask for it to be changed or have you?
Many thanks for pointing that out :)

David E:
I haven't reported it, apart from mentioning it in an earlier post (see above, third one down).

But heck, I was looking through my own text for Chance Additions and found that I'd made the same natural spelling mistake  ::)

Title spelling amended at the top and bottom of the topic to GOODDEN, other replies left as Gooden as the search function will then respond if anyone searches on the wrong spelling too. :)


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