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Chance Ashtray Robert GOODDEN - Superb design: functional,beautiful,made to last

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David E:

--- Quote from: Bernard C on May 02, 2012, 01:44:46 PM ---Why has it got Parker in relief script on the base?   Parker pens?

Bernard C.  8)

--- End quote ---

Just to update and correct this - the full name of the company is Parker Pipe Co. Ltd. The Parker Beacon was actually a cigarette lighter.

Just been looking up Parker company ...because of the Goodden ashtray I have found.. and see it was started by Alfred Dunhill so I guess these ashtrays were quite prestigous at that time. Any way I love it (Even though I hate smoking) and I totally agree the design is brilliant !!

David E:
Alfred Dunhill started Parker as a means to offload those pipes that didn't come up to scratch. Seconds if you like. But it must have proved quite a successful venture given the number of these ashtrays and other smoking memorabilia attributed to Parker.


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