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Chance Ashtray Robert GOODDEN - Superb design: functional,beautiful,made to last

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Not seen a yellow one,how many colours did they do? ;D

Bernard C:
Why has it got Parker in relief script on the base?   Parker pens?

Bernard C.  8)

I believe so.
I've fondled Christine's U-one. It has a very satisfying and comfortable feel. :)

flying free:
Sue they are incredibly tactile aren't they, and heavy?  another plus for the design.
Bernard the Parker is for I think Parker Beacon  a tobacco company.
It is quite difficult to find these now, especially those not damaged by having their 'wings' knocked.
Keith I don't know how many colours but I've just seen one in banded yellow matthey crinkles on clear  :o - not nice - I'm quite sure Robert Gooden didn't think of matthey crinkles decorating his designs  when he came up with it ;D

Whoever came up with matthey crinkles was a sadist.  :P


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