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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Anik R:
Two Vizner pieces have found their way into my Skrdlovice collection today... a pineapple (7117) in a really great colour, and a clear ball vase (7048).  I'm extremely pleased.

Really attractive pieces Anik, the light brown of the core really works well in the pineapple Vizner piece. Langhaugh has a fantastic tall version that shows this contrast and I have a similar one to yours, it makes a dazzling effect when sunlight hits it. The ball vase is great too. I like these pieces a lot.

Robert (bOBA)

Very nice additions, Anik, no wonder you are very pleased :)
Your collection seems to focus on Mr Vizner...

I saw a beautiful massive green cone shaped vase similar to your ball vase 2 weeks ago, but the seller was convinced it was 1950s Murano and worth 250,- Euro, so I had to pass.


Anik R:
Thank you Robert and Michael.

I've now got 10 Vizners in my collection and approximately 50 Skrdlovice items in all (closer to 60 if I include my stupendously fabulous Exnar animals which all of you are really envious about, but don't want to admit it. Lol.)   

My Skrdlovice is growing nicely.

OK, it's post 1993, PN 9413 to be precise, by Jan Konank for Beranek Glass, but I assume Beranek glass is also welcome in this thread? My latest acquisition (maybe I should add my earlier acquired Skrdlovices as well).

It's massive, big and one of the heaviest vases in my collection, but I love it, despite the somewhat later design date.



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