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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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At the moment, I can't see anything past your Hlava.... and I've gone all green and gooey, Michael!

The Hlava vases are great things I agree. So is the Oliva vase. They are not that common, designed by big names and quite complex to construct and were probably expensive in their day, compared to some other pieces. Which is why they are definitely in the above average end of the price range as far as auction houses are concerned. It is really the result of the organisation of great design talent and great designers that makes Skrdlovice provide so much great glass. All great glass!

Robert (bOBA)


My latest acquisitions, 3 out of 4 thanks to Anik:

7607 Ladislav Palecek
5989 Emanuel Beranek
7302 Jaroslav Svoboda
7303 Jaroslav Svoboda

The 7303 is a HUGE vase - just explaining since they don't seem to turn up that much (at least not where I can see them). It's about 30 cm high (29 according to the pattern), but also with quite a diameter. One of the biggest vase I have in my collection so far...


Astrid, once again some very nice additions! (As you have probably seen, I love the Svoboda range with the blue drip decoration)
The 7303 must be a really impressive piece...
And funny that you have found the Emanuel Beranek 5989 in the shorter (non patternbook) version as well >> Link

@Sue: I can see why you like my Hlava vase -- those (I guess) silver chloride inclusions are quite unique for Skrdlovice :)

I just found me one 1950s piece, another of those nice (but yet unidentified) organic vases, lovely colourway though.
I post a few pics, maybe they can be attributed to a pattern number... (As this seems to be one of the most abundant Srkdlovice pieces from that period, it has to be in the pattern books somewhere ???)
And interesting detail: my second piece with that big silver-on-yellow label; I took a pic to compare it side by side to a "normal" size label.


It is Jaroslav it is in the patterns,

Robert (bOBA)


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