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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Thanks Robert!
We discussed it in some ID thread as far as I remember, but didn't really come to a conclusion.
I would think PN could be 54181 then, Jaroslav Beranek.


Hi from Sydney, land of Oz!

Love those "Eleganza" vases!

I have a request for info about a new vase I bought recently.
A little tale to tell: I was talking to a friend about the Collector's Fair held here in Sydney and he sent me a most interesting site about Czech design. In that site I found a 'haunting" postcard that had attracted my mate Marty's attention too. It was a photo of an attractive young girl with a solifleur vase and a tulip.

Looked at the catalogues yet again and saw it was Maria Stáhlíková and dated from 1958 and not 1968 as suggested in the postcard.

Souped up with the data, the next day I went to the Collector's Fair and voilŕ!
It was not cheap but serendipity rules.

I'm still not sure if it is 1958 or 1959.

5836, 5850 or 5931?

Ooh, lovely Stahlikova vase in a very nice colourway!
I would think PN 5930 or 5931.

No great new purchases here, but as a fan of Stahlikova's work I am pleased with these two:

- 23.5 cm high, strange colourway of cloudy blue and green; I have the same in pink and green, and both have an engraved II to the base ;D Actually no idea about the pattern nr of those...

- 27 cm high, purple-blue-purple, again unsure about the PN (maybe 5932 without the applied glass to the side? -- The second "sommerso" layer seems a bit unusual, too)


Many thanks for your help Michael. Love those two vases! Any idea about the significance of the engraved II? ( or I-I ?)

Thanks Kevin.
Your Stahlikova vase is by far more desirable than my two.
Really beautiful piece, far better than my wonky version ;D (if it is the same pattern at all -- each piece seems to differ tremendously from the other).
edit: PN 6011 might be more appropriate, at least for my vase...

Don't really know what the engraved II indicates; Anik had it on one piece, too, and we thought it could mean that they are "seconds". But I haven't remarked any severe faults in those pieces...



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