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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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I think you're pretty well spot on Astrid. The Vizner Svobodova is 16 cm tall, which makes 6950 a safe bet.  i think the monster is 6852 because I think that's the square model. The green ones I take to be 7550/20 and 7550/13,  as the sizes and shapes are right for those two.


Yep, sounds quite right, thanks!... I hadn't got to 1975 yesterday, I was looking backwards towards the late sixties.

Wouldn't it be great if we all together could post a live example of every Skrdlovice pattern out there... Well, we can certainly try :)


Anik R:
My 40th birthday present... a fantastic Vizner 'egg' vase from 1968. It's both refined and completely silly at the same time, and I'm thrilled to have it. Yay me!

Looking great! Sadly my husband doesn't have enough knowledge or inclination to go glass hunting to find me a present like that... So, to cheer me up, please tell me you point it out to whoever is supposed to buy it for you :)


Anik R:
Oh Astrid, Astrid, Astrid...

Unfortunately, my husband is but a mere mortal, unknowledgable about glass or designers, and clueless about how to go about finding me what I'd really like for my collection.

I tracked down the vase myself, inquired about it, agreed to buy it, paid for it, made arrangements for it to be sent from the Czech Republic, retrieved it from the postman, unpacked it, thanked the seller, wrapped it, and gave it to my husband so that he could present it to me today.  A perfect present. :-X


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