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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Happy birthday Anik.

What a perfect present I'd rather arrange for the perfect present for me than let my wife make an expensive error. She probably feels the same way.  I don't see how this is in any way silly: it looks fantastic.



--- Quote from: Anik R on December 07, 2012, 07:38:32 PM ---Oh Astrid, Astrid, Astrid...

Unfortunately, my husband is but a mere mortal, unknowledgable about glass or designers, and clueless about how to go about finding me what I'd really like for my collection.

I tracked down the vase myself, inquired about it, agreed to buy it, paid for it, made arrangements for it to be sent from the Czech Republic, retrieved it from the postman, unpacked it, thanked the seller, wrapped it, and gave it to my husband so that he could present it to me today.  A perfect present. :-X

--- End quote ---

Ah, I feel much relieved that I'm not the only one... I guess in my case the difficulty is that my husband has the notion that somehow HE should decide what he will get me for my birthday instead of me selecting it. Which means in our case that collecting and presents don't mix. To be fair, I would feel just as lost trying to select the obscure prog music for his birthday that he collects :).

And of course, I forgot, but better late than never: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, ANIK!!!!


Oh Anik, what a fantastic present (even if you have found it yourself).
I hope one of those vases will come my way, one day...

Nothing even remotely specatacular here:

- yet another one of those fluid Jaroslav Beranek vases, nice colourway purple/blue
- Petr Hora vase, PN 8317/20 (when I bought it, I though it was probably a later execution due to the colour, but the drawing in the pattern book shows a red one, too)
- strange paperweight, 10 cm high, with a label I have not seen before (my guess would be 1990s). Dark brown, with an enclosed hard to see flattened blob of bubbles. Not sure about the pattern number, the closest I could find is 9206/10 by Ladislav Oliva.

And a belated HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY from Vienna !!!


Anik R:
Thank you for the birthday wishes.  I'm feeling loved.  :)

Michael, the ruby Hora is great -- it's the first I've ever seen in red!  The bubbly paperweight is very interesting, but if it is the 9206, why has it got a Skrdlovice label?  Did Beranek glassworks use a black Skrdlovice label right at the beginning, when the glassworks was returned to family ownership?

David, though I completely agree that my Vizner looks fantastic, I can't help but think there is something charmingly silly about it -- it makes me smile.

Anik, your Vizner is simply great, nothing silly about it :)

After looking through the pattern books once more, I think I may have found the paperweight: PN 8835/10, still Ladislav Oliva.
The drawing shows a brown ball with a lighter stripe in the middle, that's what mine approximately looks like. And the more stylized UR symbol on my label looks like the one on the cover of the 1989 catalogue on Jindrich's site.
Still have never seen that label before; my other pieces made at appr. the same time have the "normal" golden label.



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