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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Ok, this time I wouldn't object to the term silly (but in a great way ;) -- I like it)
Still I am quite happy that my red Jezek vase came without applied "ears"...


Anik R:
Michael, at least my Jezek can hear better than yours.  :P ;D

That's true -- but can't compete with my Vencalek vase where the flowers are already incorporated ;D

One more piece added to my collection (I was looking very hard for one from this range):
Ladislav Palecek vase with mica inclusions, PN 6749, 15 cm diameter, 13 cm high.
Though not very big, it is massive, weighing around 3 kg. Really attractive...


Where's the green emoticon! That is just gorgeous Michael. I need one of these.
I appear to have found/stumbled upon my own way of collecting Czech glass - it appears to be the topaz and green colourway.
I've only ever been attracted before (gut-wise) to blues and yellows and purples!

Incidentally, I have noticed/observed that the "Paint drip" vases in clear with blue drippy tops seem to be inspired by the Ladislaw Oliva vase I posted - it's the same sort of drip pattern inside the vase - at both the top and the base, but definitely the same pattern of drippy bits!

Anik R:
Wonderful find, Michael!  We don't see many of these around, do we? 

The weight of it amazes me.  Almost 3 kg? In the photo, it looks like a small, dainty thing.
I'm jealous!


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