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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Thank you, ladies :)

Ever since I saw >> Della's one I wanted one of those...
(Mine is 3 cm taller btw, Skrdlovice sizes are really varying a lot).

I purchased it online, and was really surprised how big and heavy it is in reality (regardless of the rather smallish dimensions).
And I love the colours -- well, as a Skrdlovice collector you have to love brown, green and blue ;D


And a quite special piece added to my collection:

Jaroslav Svoboda vase (or rather sculpture), PN 7232, 24 cm high, signed to the base (Robert kindly confirmed the authenticity of the signature, thanks!!).
Incredibly heavy -- no wonder, being massive glass apart from the small well in the top part...

"New old stock" from a shop in Vienna which imported lots of glass from Skrdlovice/Beranek in the late 1980s / early 1990s.


Anik R:
Michael, that's one of the oddest looking vases I've seen... Great addition to your collection!

But I've got a question -- because of the signature, is it possible that the vase was produced at Svoboda, Karlov?

Anik, I think rather not; it was sitting among about 15 other Beranek / Skrdlovice pieces, latest pattern number around 1992, most from the 1970s and 80s, even a Svobodova "Galaxy" vase; no other Czech glass. The owner said he had it for more than 20 years, and that he imported glass from Beranek then. -- I guess this would possibly predate Svoboda's own glasswork?
Robert didn't object to the idea it was Skrdlovice production either...
(But I guess I will never know for sure)

BTW, even in the pattern book this one is referred to as "Vaza-Plastika" :)
It is really more a sculpture than a vase...


Absolutely fabulous find, Michael.  There's not a trace of functionality about this piece, as you say, pure sculpture. The years around 1972 produced some astounding designs. I'd presume it was Skrdlovice rather than Svoboda, but why not write to Svoboda and ask him?

Was there anything else even nearly as tempting as this in the shop?



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