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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Robert, thank you so much for the additional info!

As I said, it came as quite a surprise to me as well that Jindra Beranek made a piece like this (though I have seen quite a lot of pieces by him during the past years, and several of them were copies of -- or inspired by -- Emanuel Beranek shapes, but none of later Skrdlovice patterns so far).
The base finish and signature are very typical for him, so I have no doubt about it being a "real" Jindra Beranek ;D

If on purpose or not, the shape towards the top is not as perfect as in Skrdlovice Vizner vases, and neither are the swirling air bubbles as nicely executed (I guess it is far from easy -- even for an experienced glass maker -- to produce such a piece).
Though a very attractive vase, I would have prefered if it was a little bit more Jindra and less Vizner (shape, colours...)


Two nice Skrdlovice pieces to start the new year (I seem to focus on Mr. Svoboda, but more or less accidentially)

- huge plate, 36 cm diameter, PN 7320, with a fake signature ;D
- ball vase, PN 7421/15


Anik R:
Love the Svoboda plate, Michael!  Very substantial at 36cm.  What a great find.  I also think the 7421 is lovely -- I'm waiting for one to arrive too, but with a topaz frill rather than green. :)

Happy new year!

Nice plate, Michael. I like plates although I still haven't found a way to display them.  Svoboda designs are invariably interesting, like the ball vase with the thick lip.

I wonder if the signature on the plate is the original owner's name?


The plate is very beautiful indeed, but I have no idea how (or where) to display it -- absolutely no space to display it "flat", and much too heavy to hang it...
I hadn't condsidered that the signature could be the original owner's name; it is not the name of the previous owner I bought it from, who thought it was studio glass by a Mr. "O. Lipton".



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