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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Anik R:
 Oh Michael  ;D ;D ;D

flying free:
Nothing to add except to say I love watching this thread.  I rarely see pieces like these over here -  love the fried egg plate and the bubbly vase with the different coloured rim. 

Thanks for the kind words, m -- and for watching our thread :)

I would think that the "fried eggs" plate is rather scarce in comparison to many other pieces (I brought it back from my Hamburg holiday).
The big plates seem harder to find than vases and bowls -- at least this one was the first I ever saw...


Anik R:
Just like Michael's, but with a topaz top, this is my Svoboda 7421...  (Wonderful piece!)

Love it, Anik!
It's all bubbly and delicate, then the topaz contrasts by being thick and substantial - but then the two gel together so well - it reminds me of some deep sea creature, opening up in the moving waters...


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