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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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I wonder if the difference is somewhere in the bubbly glass?
7421: Kristal + Soda + R (whatever the "R" might refer to)
7422: Kristal + Sypani Soda
7423: Kristal + Soda


Anik R:
I wish I knew the answer, Michael. (It's a shame there isn't a legend included on the first page, like the 50s pattern books have.)

After some time a new addition (and a quite exciting one -- well, at least to me ;) )

Early Emanuel Beranek bowl from 1950, PN 5068; snail / nautilus shape, bubbly glass decorated with internal red spiral, lenght 20 cm (should be 15 according to the pattern book).
A style not often seen, similar pieces were designed by Milena Veliskova.
Sort of a transition from the Pulegoso pieces (like the lovely ones Craig showed recently) to the organic style of the 1950s.

And an interesting circular label I have not seen before...


Anik R:
A great find, Michael. It's the first I've seen.

Fabulous find, Michael. Not a piece I've ever seen before. The label is a generic export label, but would be different from the usual label we see because Skrdlovice wasn't part of the UUR until 1957.

You've motivated me to add my latest Vizners, one of my all time favourite designs.



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