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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Anik R:
David, truly marvelous vases. In case you ever need a person to dust your collection, keep it company, or simply oooooo and aaaaaaa over it, I'm your man -- er, woman. I'll even do it free of charge. But only because I like you that much. 

David, I am glad I motivated you to show your stunning Vizner vases -- no wonder they are your favourite ones! :)

In Vienna all quiet on the Skrdlovice front (apart from the Beranek piece, which is, funnily, as dear to me as any of my Vizners -- but I don't own a Vizner piece which can stand up to those you showed).


Thanks, Anik and Rocco. As far as your offer of dusting, Anik, I did pick up a little dust when I ran my finger along my display case yesterday. Just tell me when your plane gets in and I'll even pick you up at the the airport.


Great pieces from Rocco and Langhaugh and obscurities in the other thread... all perfect examples of different phases of the factory, really nice to see them owned by caring collectors who value them,

Robert (bOBA)

My only Skrdlovice find from a short trip to Switzerland:
small (10 cm high) blue and purple vase with 4 circular indentions, has the remnants of the unusual bigger label I have on one of my Jaroslav Beranek vases as well.

A search through all the pattern books from the 1950s didn't turn up anything similar ???



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