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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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The Berlin fleamarkets were very kind to me :D -- 3 Skrdlovice pieces added to my collection.

- favourite addition: lovely Stahlikova/Veliskova vase from 1960, PN 6036, a little over 26 cm high.
similar to my Svoboda bubbly vases it has the remnants of the pattern number written to the glass.
- tall Vizner 7409/31, just short of 30 cm high.
- big and very heavy Vizner "screw" shape vase, PN 7410/25, 25.5 cm high at around 4 kg.

Thanks for looking!

Anik R:
Michael, your Skrdlovice collection is probably the best one there is around!  Love your newest pieces... The Vizners are super, but the Stahlikova/Veliskova is breathtaking!

Great pieces Michael, all quite scarce, valuable additions to your collection. Berlin fleamarkets seem to be excellent. I know a guy who bought a rare Zahour vase there for forty euros, he was very pleased too! However, you do well in Vienna too... amazing finds.


Thanks Anik, Robert!
Three good Skrdlovice pieces within two hours was not bad.

The Stahlikova vase was one I really looked out for, so I was even more pleased to find it...
Though my collection has improved quite a bit, some of our fellow collectors have better ones ;)


Paul C:
Hi there,

I bought this vase by Ladislav Palecek - Is its pattern no. 7414 or 7514?

I found this page says 7414 but Anik describes it as 7514 on Etsy.

Many thanks


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