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Hand Made in Cornwall Hurricane Lantern
« on: May 11, 2012, 05:36:10 PM »
I bought a few boxes of glass and other stuff yesterday and in it were a few of these hurricane lanterns - one with a sticker Hand-Made in Cornwall.

The style is slightly fluted to the top with a hollow bulge (forgotten the term) 1/2 way up the stem. The foot is thick like you'd see on Frank Throwers Dartington stuff (it actually reminded my of Dartington) and looks like a very big firing glass.

I got 6 and all came in original packaging: cut down textile tube, card ends, black tissue and straw (fun if I send any to Australia - fans of Nothing to Declare will know what I'm on about).

I'm assuming they are NOT Liskeard as they have a different sticker.

Anyone recognise them? The seller told me they were were 60s/70s from the time her sister had a shop.



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