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Thomas Webb 'Ribbonette' pattern
« on: May 31, 2012, 06:57:31 PM »
another clear glass design, which is very difficult to reproduce with good definition, so apologies the pix are a little iffy - I'm assuming this is 'Ribbonette' pattern.         I already had the decanter (minus a stopper) and found the five glasses the other day, and they all show the earliest of the Webb marks.        In Hajdamach, this plain wine service is shown looking more like a semi-opaque glass  -  possibly, I think, as this is the most practicable way that the chevron pattern can be seen - in fact the black and white illustration is almost certainly a factory or retailer's catalogue extract.       The bowl/pattern is produced by the dip mould process, which may account for the thinness of the finished blown bowl (cutting would have required much thicker glass)  -  and it looks as though the stem and foot may have been one piece -  but I'm not sure  - you can certainly see where the stem was joined to the bowl.      There isn't a pontil depression. 
Apparently this design had a fairly long life - from around 1910 to the late twenties at least  -  does anyone know for certain when it ceased?
The glasses ring like you wouldn't believe, and are very thin in comparison with many wine glasses  -  a miracle they have survided this long.
I do still need a stopper for the decanter, and will pay a good price if someone has a spare - thanks for looking :)   



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