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Luciano Vistosi Vase & Bowl
« on: March 25, 2006, 09:52:10 AM »
Here are two of my most prized pieces, an oversized double cased (black, white and tan) "mushroom" shaped vase and matching large, flat bowl.  They are marked with silver foil "Oggetti" label.  Oggetti is a small Miami based firm that began importing higher-end Murano glass in the 1970s.  The founders of the company are 90% certain these were produced by Luciano Vistosi.  They wrote to me that they "should" be signed, either on bottom or in tiny etched letters on rim, however I can't find a signature anywhere.  Information on this artist is very scant, other than that he created a popular line of cased lamps in the 1970s and he currently produces massive glass sculptures.  Has anyone seen comparable signed pieces?  For comparison, does anyone have pictures of any OTHER vase or bowl by L.V.?  I'd be curious to see!



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