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Annette Meech


Apart from the undervalued, but relatively well-known and recogniseable "Apollo" range of glass which Annette Meech designed for Ravenhead @ 1972, do members know of any other designs by her for British manufacturers. I know that she moved into art glass, possibly working with Peter Layton at Hot Glass, and now lives and works in France.
Thanks in advance for any help on this......

i have her listed as working in studio glass since ca. 1975 - but more detailed information has since then surfaced in "Le Guide des Verriers". Apparently she worked as a consulting designer for Ravenhead from 72 to 83; she was "intervenante" (huh?) at the West Surrey College of Art from 84 to 94; and made studio glass at The Glasshouse in London from 1972 until she moved to France in '99.

Thanks for that. If she was with Ravenhead for so long, someone might know what else she designed for them, as "Apollo" seemed so modern, compared to ranges such as "Siesta", which fell into the "we'll follow what has been done in Scandinavia" but 15 years too late....


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