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Another Schmetterling!

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Leni, please, just for my investigations: am I right you've got an amber - is it both blank and frosted?
your green is frosted all over I presume - like mine?
looking at my Schmetterling vase should make it clear: if frosted all over - it is sixties production - if not ... could be earlier!?  :oops:  :?  :twisted:

Yes, both my amber and green Schmetterlings are frosted all over, Pamela     :D


--- Quote from: "pamela" ---if frosted all over - it is sixties production
--- End quote ---

Do I presume that also applies to other Walther glass - that all-over frosted is later production?  Only I was amazed to see a Walther Windsor vase on ebay a couple of days ago sold for £176.51    :shock:  That was an all-over- frosted one, too.  AND it had a chip on the base!   :shock:

I was interested in it, but wasn't prepared to go that high!  Anyway, I like the Schmetterling better   :D  

All I need now is a pink one and a blue one ........ unless of course you know better   :wink:  :lol:

B & M:
Hello again Leni, sorry no picture as yet of the blue vase. We moved house last month and with all the disruption didn't have enough time to travel back up to Cumbria. It's also been a long and torturous process getting BT to activate the phone line & transfer my broadband service, hence why I have been very quiet lately  :wink:

Pamela, it's interesting to learn that the all over frosting is a sign of later production for Walther. My vase is frosted all over (including the interior). The effect seems to have been achieved by sand blasting rather than the use of acid; does this mean that Walther didn't sand blast until the 1960's?

I should get a picture towards the end of next month. I will be going back for my father's birthday and to rotate some of my collection. My problem is that I never have enough display space so have to select just a few items. It's certainly time for a change though so I think the Schmetterling will be coming back with me.....

In the meantime, here's a nice part frosted blue example I spotted on ebay:

Steven  :)

I have satin (frosted) effect items, sourced in the UK, that I can only see in 1930s catalogues from Walther - they are a Marina centerpiece and a Nuremberg (Tango) basket.



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