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Ichendorf vase, show and tell

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I recently managed to aquire one of these stunning thickly-cased-with-lots-of-inclusions Ichendorf vases (was high up on my German glass wishlist)

It is 24 cm tall, very heavy (around 4 kg), has a polished and bevelled rim, ground and polished base with circular pontil mark and a tiny square acid etched mark (is this the Ichendorf mark? Or part of it?)

The finish of this vase also convinces me that my other vase in a similar style which Ivo kindly identified as Leerdam (with the reservation that he knew nothing about Ichendorf, obviously not true ;D) is definately not Ichendorf.

I wrote an e-mail to the Ichendorf Glass Museum to see if there is some more information (date, designer, etc.)


Anik R:
Wow, great vase, Michael. Isn't it a fantastic feeling to get something which is high up on the wish list?  Congratulations!

It is wonderful - and what a joy to find something you've wanted for a long time.  ;D

Thanks for the nice comments! :)
Thick-walled, internally decorated glass is just my thing.

It's sad that there is so little information to be found on the post war output of Ichendorf; a few precious contributions from Ivo on the board, that's about it. Even worse than with other German makers...


The thing on the bottom is part of the Ichendorf mark, which can sometimes be found
as an acid-mark and is just a stylised
for Ichendorf. Same mark is also used on a square foil label with a frame (can´t remember
at the moment wether complete or open to one side).
You´ve photographed the dot of an i I think.  ;D


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