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Ichendorf vase, show and tell

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Thanks Dirk!
If that square is the dot of an i, the rest of the letter is missing ;D
Not even the tiniest bit of it to be found.

edit: do you have any more info on this range? -- I have seen 2 or 3 of these on German ebay during the last months (mine is one of them), but they seem less common than the thick-walled rectangular knobbly vases...


Sorry, Michael. The information on Ichendorf seems, like you said, even more
limited than those on other german glassworks...  :(

flying free:
fabulous design  :) I like the way it's made and the bubble effect. 

Great find, Michael. I'm a big fan of inclusions, although I have difficulty explaining that even to myself.  I know nothing about Ichendorf and about the same for other German makers. What is the approximate date this was made?


Lovely, and every attributed piece helps my Ichendorf knowledge. I didn't know they did these sort of inclusions. Like you said, Ichendorf info is really scarce.

I only have one Ichendorf I'm sure of (the famous Tüsselman design), and one I think is perhaps Ichendorf, but can't remember (I bought a lot of German glass that day, and when I got home I had forgotten the attribution of that particular piece. Aargh).

I'm always looking for places to find out more about German glass then I already know. I guess we could use a few more threads dedicated to posting the works of a particular company (like the Skrdlovice thread over at Czech glass), especially if there are no books on that company available. Most of what I know I picked up by seeing labeled ones for sale on ebay (which would be a lot easier if some Germans weren't obsessed with slapping 'Joska' labels on everything they offer for sale, sigh.



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