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The GMB in my local rag!

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I can't post this in the cafe, 'cos I can't put the pics there.
I did not once use the "r-word", but the reporter used it anyway.

I do like the last quote, from Shona:-

"It's really the whole glass community of the world that's banded together to help Cancer Research."  :)

Great news, Sue! Many thanks for showing us!  :-*

Anik R:
What a happy read... and happy news!
Thank you for sharing with us, Sue.

What a lovely story Sue, and a good plug for the GMB, and it's lovely to see you and your big smile on the photo! :)x

BTW if you want the topic moving to Cafe I can do that for you without it losing its pics. Or it can stay in News, where it's very relevant anyhow. 

Well, if its relvant for news, perhaps it should stay here, rather than drift away in the cafe.  ;D

I loved the "plug" for the GMB too, I was delighted with the article - you know how reporters and such can get it all... wrong.

All those folk with Schmetterlings, now coming out of Dundee's woodwork are being told:-

"Join the GMB!"


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