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Author Topic: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List  (Read 1766 times)

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Re: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List
« Reply #10 on: May 10, 2016, 03:24:18 PM »
No worries Ross. 
Hmmm.. Didn't this was limited to PW actually.
Logic being the thread was initially, and still is, located in the Glass Identification - Post here for all ID requests » Glass »  category rather than PW.      :-\

So it goes.

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Re: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List
« Reply #11 on: May 16, 2016, 08:05:58 AM »
I expanded the list to Art Glass in general.  Although I acquired this initiation list through a paperweight thread, I listed this post under glass identification because it was my hope that my list, in conjunction with other replies, would help us all compile a list of artist under the "art glass category" and better our abilitiy to identify the artists.  I would love to be the knight in shinning armor that can identify a signature for every person that inquired, but the more we help each other help themselves, the better we support the art.  No one on this particular thread needs to take away from the general category, its simply about pooling knowledge to help each other better themselves.  Im honored by those that have contributed to the list. May it continue to add, and lovers of the art be edified by its presence. 

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Re: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List
« Reply #12 on: May 16, 2016, 02:17:27 PM »
here a a few that I didn't notice in the list and are friends of mine: Mark Peiser, Pete Vanderlaan, James Shaffstall. the first 2 have pieces in numerous museums including Corning and the 3rd. used to sell his paperweights thru the Toledo Museum gift shop.

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Re: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List
« Reply #13 on: May 16, 2016, 03:14:37 PM »
Well, I did not realise that you had widened the scope of it StarCastle33.  So what I have now done is included all the names I have of Australian & NZ known makers(some 800 or so) and removed duplicates that that caused.

I am splitting the list - now some 3000 long into three parts hoping the publish correctly.

"Eddie" Francis Edward
"Foofaraw" Jennifer [Last Name Unknown]
"Spinnips" Lon
? Fry
? Fry
? Hahn
? Larson
? Larson
? P
? P**pullo
? S
“Alexi” Mischka Hunter
Aanya Roennfeldt
Aaron Boze
Aaron Gross 
Aaron Robinson
Aaron Slater 
Abby Modell
Abigail Tidrick
Abraham Fynnaart
Ada Loumani
Adam Aaronson
Adam Kamens
Adam Kaser
Adam Sinclair
Adams Luke
Adele Kernke
Adrian Gemelli
Adrian Sankey
Adrienne Kennedy
Akie Haga
Akihiro Isogai
Alain Begou
Alan Binstock
Alan Crynes
Alan Fox
Alan Steer
Alan Sumner
Alan Ward
Alastair MacIntosh
Albert Blakeborough
Albert Morgan
Albert Young
Aleksander Werner
Alessandro Casson
Alex Abajian
Alex Anagnostou
Alex Brand
Alex Fekete
Alex Frasersmith
Alex Gabriel Bernstein
Alex Mitrovic
Alex Roskvist
Alex Tam
Alex Trommler
Alex Valero
Alex Wyatt
Alexandra Devitt Chambers
Alexandrea Cattanea
Alfred Engerer
Alfredo Barbini
Alice Mahoney
Alice Whish
Alicia Lomné
Alicia Niles
Alisdair Gordon
Alison Chism
Alison Cowan
Alison Kinnaird
Alison Lowry
Alison Mortiss
Alison Ruzsa
Alison Sheafor-Joy
Alison Sigethy
Alistair Mead
Allan Reed
Allegra Marquart
Allen DeRozario
Allen Loone
Allen Usscher
Allison Ciancibelli
Amanda Berkeley
Amanda Brisbane
Amanda Conway
Amanda Dziedzic
Amanda King
Amanda Loudan
Amanda McKenzie
Amanda Nicolson
Amanda Pearce
Amanda Robbins
Amber Cowan
Amoret Phillips 
Amos Moje
Amy Johnson
Amy Lemaire
Amy Ritter
Amy Rueffert
Amy Schleif-Mohr
Anabel Newham
Anat Sapir
Anders Rydstedt
Andrea Baxter
Andrea Fiebig
Andrea Marcus
Andrea Mastrangelo
Andrea Zillo 
Andrei Bokotei
Andrej Larson
Andrew Brott
Andrew Byers 
Andrew Crewes
Andrew Fote 
Andrew Hay
Andrew Lavery
Andrew Madvin
Andrew Markin
Andrew Mladenovic
Andrew Musgrove 
Andrew Potter
Andrew Sanders
Andrew Sinclair-Day 
Andy Kovel
Andy Moncrieff 
Angela Jarman
Angie L. Graham 
Angus Powers
Anitra Berzina
Anja Fiess
Anjali Srinivasan
Ann Atkins
Ann Kroll
Ann Louise Mitchell
Ann Miller
Ann Robinson
Ann Wolff
Anna Boothe
Anna Dickinson
Anna Elizabeth Draeger
Anna Gautier
Anna Skibska
Annabel Kilpatrick
Anne Campbell 
Anne Clifton
Anne Dybka
Anne Gant
Anne Hand
Anne Londez 
Anne Neil
Anne Pemberton
Anne Robertson
Anne Sorenson
Anne Turley-Emett Mary
Anne Urquhart
Anne Woods
Annette Baron
Annette Blair
Annette Gillon
Annette Kalnins
Annette Meech
Annica Sandstrom
Annie Abadi
Annie Cantin
Anthony Gelpi
Anthony Genet
Anthony Maglalang
Anthony Rake
Anthony Reece
Anthony Stern
Anthony Wassell
Antoine Leperlier
Anton Intaglio
Antonio Dei Rossi 
Anu Penttinen
Aogu Takano
April Wagner
Arnie Gautsch
Arnie Glass
Art Madd
Arthur Sale
Aseem Pereira
Astrid Riedel
Atsuko Tajima
Attombri Attombri
Audrey Handler
Auli Rautiainen
Ayako Ikeda
Ayelet Brooks
Baldwin & Philip
Bandhu Dunham
Barbara Ashbee
Barbara Becker Simon 
Barbara Bendzunas
Barbara Bernstein
Barbara Galazzo
Barbara Jane Cowie
Barbara Matteson
Barbara Mclean 
Barbara Nanning
Barbara Simon
Barbara Stephenson
Barrie Bredemeier
Barry Cullen
Barry Entner
Barry Sautner
Barry Wraith
Belinda Todd 
Belinda Toll
Ben Edols
Ben Johnson
Ben Rufi
Ben Sewell
Ben Sharp
Ben Young
Bengt Hokanson
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Cobb
Benjamin Kikkert
Benjamin Moore
Berin Behn
Bernadette Mahfood
Bernard F. Boyd 
Bernard Huebner
Bernard Katz
Bernard Stonor
Bernie D’onofrio
Bertil Vallien
Beth Ann Ballek
Beth Boal 
Beth Cox
Beth King
Beth Tomasello
Beth Williams
Bethany Wheeler
Betsy Youngquist
Bettina  Smith
Bettina Visentin
Betty Mbitjana
Bibi Smit
Bill Bestic
Bill Boysen
Bill Gleeson
Bill Harman
Bill Kasper
Bill Slade
Bill Zarvis
Bina Donakowski-Jones
Binh Pho
Bj Katz
Bjorn Rust
Blair Marie Sechrest 
Blaise Campbell
Blanche Tilden
Bob Banford 
Bob Bird
Bob Crooks
Bob Kliss
Bob Palusky
Bobby Pedersen 
Bobby Valdez
Bodhi Seed
Borek Sipek
Boris Shpeizman
Boyd England
Brad Abrams
Brad Boer 
Brad Copping
Brad Teasdale
Brayton Furlong 
Brenda  Page
Brenda Ayers-Henderson 
Brenden Miller
Brendon Scott French
Brent Cole
Brent King
Brent Marshall
Brett Christian Deutsch 
Brian Berman
Brian Blanthorn
Brian Brenno
Brian Caswell
Brian Chaseling
Brian Corr
Brian Heritage
Brian Hirst
Brian Kerkvliet
Brian Lonsway - signed "Lonsway"
Brian Maytum
Brian Russell
Brian Usher
Brian Vincent Mclaughlin
Bridget Boss
Bridget Hancock
Bridget Thomas
Brondwyn Vivian
Bronwen Heilman
Bronwyn Black
Bronwyn E Hughes
Bronwyn Fife
Brook White Jr.
Brooke Zligman
Bruce Baigent
Bruce Benefield
Bruce Marks
Bruce Pizzichillo
Bruce Riley
Bruce Stowell
Bruno Pedrosa
Bruno Romanelli
Bryan Goldenberg
Bryan Rubino
Brychtová Jaroslava
Buzz Blodgett
C. Gellends
C. Ramson
C.  Fritz Robert
C.S. Tarpley
Cagla Inselbag
Caitlin Hyde
Cal Breed
Caleb Nichols
Cali Balles
Callahan Mcvay
Callum Fletcher Mcdougall 
Calvin Sugita 
Cameron Smith
Candice Gunter
Cappy  Thompson
Cara Pinchbeck
Carin Von Drehle
Carla Di Francesco
Carlo  Scarpa
Carlson Potts
Carmen Louise Simmonds
Carmen Lozar
Carmen Spera
Carmen Vetter
Carmichael Jones
Carol Capalija
Carol Marando
Carol Martin
Carol Milne
Carol Nisbett
Carol O'Brien
Carol Yorke
Carolanne Bouchles 
Carole Frčve
Carole Perry
Carole-Anne Gooks
Carole-Anne Griffiths
Carole-Anne Lunn
Caroline Ouellette
Carolyn Baum 
Carolyn Davey
Carolyn Marie Smith 
Carolyn Prowse-Fainmel
Carolyn Schlam
Carrie Battista
Carrie Webster
Carrie Westcott
Carter Seibels
Casey  Jettonne
Cassandra Daw
Cassandra Layne
Cassandra Straubing
Catharine Newell
Catherine Aldrete-Morris
Catherine Birks
Catherine Hibbits
Catherine Hough
Catherine Newton
Catherine Rinaudo
Catherine Vamvakas Lay
Cathy Chase
Cathy Jordan
Cathy Richardson
Cecil Renfield
Cedar Prest
Celeste Starita
Cesare Toffolo
Chad Holliday
Chadd Lacy
Charissa Brock
Charlene Foster
Charles Butcher
Charles Kaziun
Charles Kaziun III 
Charles Kaziun Jr. 
Charles Lowrie
Charles Savoie
Charles Schneider 
Charles Bray
Charlie Correll
Charlie Jenkins
Charlie Miner
Charlie Meaker
Charly Glasgow
Ché Rhodes
Chelsea Bent
Cherry Goldblatt
Cherry Phillips
Cheryl Bridgart
Cheryl Dunsmore
Cheryl Maahs 
Cheryl Matson
Cheryl Mcneill
Cheryl Sugita
Cheryl Takucs 
Chiyan Tze
Chris Arnold
Chris Belleau
Chris Buzzini 
Chris Comins
Chris Dodds
Chris Donnellly
Chris Fisher 
Chris Fox
Chris Hannan
Chris Hawthorne
Chris Juedemann 
Chris Lucas
Chris Pantano
Chris Pantos
Chris Sternberg-Powidzki
Christer Holmgren
Christian H. Thirion
Christian Luginger
Christian Thornton
Christie Stratton Moody
Christina Bothwell
Christina Cuypers 
Christine Atkins
Christine Barney
Christine Cathie
Christine Cholewa
Christine Gulline
Christine Noguere
Christine Sample
Christine Stankard Kressley
Christine Twiss
Christopher D. Morrison
Christopher John Bingley
Christopher Lydon
Christopher Morrrison
Christopher Mosey
Christopher Ramsey
Christopher Sherwin
Christopher Williams
Christopher Wright
Christopher Ries
Chuck Boux
Chuck Lopez
Chuck Pritchard 
Chuck Simpson
Cia Friedrich
Cilicia Jean Philemon
Cindy Coldiron
Cindy Hill
Cindy Hyer Morgan 
Cindy Lackore 
Claire Edwards
Claire Kelly
Claire Rainbow
Claire Virgona
Claire  Henshaw
Clare Belfrage
Clare Peters
Clare Wilson
Claudia Borella
Claudio Tiozzo
Clay Hufford
Clayton  Sean
Clementine Docherty-Phillips
Cliff Dickenson
Clifton T. Furukawa
Clive Hillier
Coby  Cockburn
Cody Nicely
Cohn Stone
Col Ellis
Colin Heaney
Colin Montford
Colin Reid
Colin Richardson
Con Rhee
Connie Paul
Connie Walsworth
Connor Garton
Corey Hubbell
Cory Porterfield
Craig Deacons 
Cristiano Bianchin
Critter Reid
Crystal Stubbs
Csaba  Markus
Curt Brock
Cynthia Lieber (Saari)
Cynthia Meyers 
Cynthia Miller
Cynthia Myers
Czeslaw Zuber
Dagmar Pankova
Daisuke Shintani
Dale Chihuly
Dale Eggert
Dale Roberts
Damian Priour
Dan Lachaussee
Dan Mirer
Dan Rothenfeld
Dan Salceanu
Dan  Dailey
Dana Zed
Daniel Clayman
Daniel Cutrone
Daniel Gaumer
Daniel Jennings
Daniel LaChaussee
Daniel Marder
Daniel Ostrov
Daniel Petraitis
Daniel Salazar 
Daniël Theys
Daniel Venables
Daniela Turrin
Danielle Blade
Danielle Rickaby
Danny Klajman
Danny Perkins
Dante Marioni
Darcy Smith
Dari Gordon
Darlene Durrwachter-Rushing
Darren Petersen
Darryl Berry
Dave Hegland
Dave Jusseame
David Beavis
David Bennett
David Bross 
David Dawes
David E. Vogt 
David Flower
David Garcia
David Goldhagen
David Graeber
David Grant Maul 
David Hall 
David Hay
David Helm
David Herbert
David Hobday
David Huchthausen
David J. Briening 
David James
David Jurgens 
David Kaplan
David King
David Leight
David Leppla
David Levi
David Lewin
David Licata
David Lindsay
David Lotton
David McDermott
David McLeod
David Michael
David Moir 
David P. Salazar 
David Patchen
David Pedler
David Popelka
David Reekie
David Rousell
David Royce
David Ruth
David Schnuckel
David Schwarz
David Smallhouse 
David Smith
David Studley
David Taylor
David Thai
David Trabucco 
David Traub
David Turner
David Wallace
David Wight
David Willis
David Wright
David Yule
David  Jackson
David  Patchen
Davide Salvadore
Davis Grare
Davnet Heery
Dawn Adams
Deanna Chase 
Deanna Clayton
Deanna Conti
Deanne Sabeck
Deb Canuck 
Deb Jones
Deb Murphy
Debbie Crowley 
Debbie Symons
Debbie Tarsitano
Debora Moore
Deborah Carlson
Deborah Cocks
Deborah Conti
Deborah Dimarco
Deborah Fladgate
Deborah Horrell
Debra Jean Scheele
Debra Jurss
Debra Ruzinsky
Della Tinsley
Delmo Tarsitano 
Delores Barrett
Delores Taylor
Demetra Theofanous
Denise Lanuti 
Denise Stillwaggon-Leone
Denise Sullivan
Dennis Brooks
Dennis C. Briening 
Dennis O'Connor
Densaburo Oku
Derek Pearse
Derise Hemmes
Deryn Mansell
Des Fankhauser
Devin Somerville
Devyn Baron
Di Piesse
Diana East 
Diana R. Dugina 
Diane Hansen
Diane Ripper
Diane Shewfelt 
Diane Worthington
Dianne Martin
Dick Ditore
Dick Stumbles
Dickey  Cay
Diedre Feeney
Diedre Wybrew
Diego Feurer
Diego Vides Borell
Dillon Clarke
Dinah Hulet 
Dino Rosin
Dirk Venema
Dix Trefny
Dominic Fonde
Dominic O'Leary
Dominick Labino
Don Deitcher
Don Friel
Don Richardson
Don Wreford
Donal Molloy-Drum
Donald "Skip"ť Dubois 
Donald Carlson
Donald Lipski
Donald Singleton
Doni Hatz
Donna Branch
Donna Fein
Donna Nova
Donna Powers
Donna Zalusky 
Dorie Guthrie
Doris Scrutton
Dorothy  Hartnett
Dorothy Hafner
Dorothy Lorraine Hansen 
Doug Anderson
Doug Frates
Doug Holtquist
Doug Merritt
Doug Randall
Doug Sweet
Douglas Annand
Douglas Becker
Douglas Ostroff
Drew Ebelhare 
Drew Smith
Drew Spangenberg
Duncan House
Duncan Mcclellan
Dustin Morell 
Dutch Schulze
Dylan Thornton
E Sponsoll
Eamonn Vereker
Ebony Addinsall
Ed Branson
Ed Burke
Ed Carpenter
Ed Edwards
Ed Kachurik
Ed Mcelvaine
Ed Pennebaker
Ed Steckley
Eddie Ferguson
Eddy Wescott 
Ede Horton
Edward Clark
Edward Schmid
Effie  Halkidis
Eileen Gordon
Eileen Jacobson
Einar De La Torre
Elaine Deff 
Elaine Laflex-Green 
Elaine Marshall
Elaine Miles
Elaine Popelka 
Eleanor Brownridge
Eleanor Macnish 
Elisa Harms
Elisabeth Harris
Elisabeth Marier
Elise Ordorica
Elizabeth (Liz) Ryland Mears
Elizabeth Close
Elizabeth Devereaux
Elizabeth Hopkins
Elizabeth Hylen
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Kelly
Elizabeth Mavrick
Elizabeth Newman
Ellen Abbott
Ellie Burke
Elliot Brand
Elmar O'Connor
Elodie Holmes
Eloise Cotton
Elvira Hickert
Emiko Sawamoto 
Émile Gallé 
Emilie Patteson
Emilija Marodic
Emilio Santini
Emily Brock
Emily Pwerle
Emily Sidell
Emily Valentine
Emma Borland
Emma Camden
Emma De Brabant
Emma Gerard
Emma Klau
Emma Petersen
Emma Salamon
Emma Stein
Emma Varga
Emma Woffenden
England  Boyd A.
Eoin Breadon
Ercole Barovier
Eric Bailey
Eric Bladholm
Eric Dahlberg
Eric Dandurand
Eric Edner
Eric Hilton
Eric Imeson
Eric Jennings
Eric Markow
Eric Mead
Eric Wayne Hansen 
Erica Rosenfeld
Erik Demaine
Erik Eiserling
Erika Tada
Erwin Eisch
Estelle Dean
Esther Lower
Ethan Stern
Etienne Leperlier
Etsuko Nishi
Eugene Crabtree 
Eustis Koering 
Eva Engström
Eva Espiritu
Eva Heyd
Eva Kempen
Eva Milinkovic
Eva Moosbrugger
Eva Shelley
Eva Vlasakova
Evan Snyderman
Eve Hoyt
Evelyn Dunstan
Evelyn King
Fahan Mcdonagh
Fay Servoss 
Faye Peng Mo
Faye Smyth
Felicity Larkin
Felicity Pope
Feliks Tontegode
Ferro Torso
Finn Lynggaard
Fiona  Schleussinger
Fiona Rutelle
Fleur Bain
Fleur Tookey
Fran Feuer
France Grice
Francine ?
Francine Blote’-Lofrano
Francis Bobbie Seese 
Francis Muscat
Francis Stewart
Francis Whittemore 
Frank Morbillo
Frank Zika
Frantisek Vizner
Franz Schonbeck
Frazier  Marjorie
Fred Curtis
Fred Daden
Fred Kaemmer
Fred Schmidt
Fred Tessari
Frederick Birkhill
Frederick Warren
Frederick  Carder
Freya Marriott
Frico Moje
Fritz Lauenstein 
Fritz  Dreisbach
Fulvia Bianconi
Fumio Adachi
G Flynn
G.J. Riley
Gabriella Adamik
Gabriella Bissetto
Gabriella Ribiero
Gabrielle Heywood
Gail Crosman Moore
Galia Amsel
Gallery Markus
Gareth Gowan
Garry Nash
Garth Mudge
Gary Beecham
Gary Genetti
Gary Guydosh
Gary Lisle
Gary Nash
Gary Stuart Scrutton 
Gary Thompson
Gary Zack
Gavin Heath
Gavin Merrington
Gaylene Allan-Richardson
Gene Polt
Genevieve Church
Genie Wald 
Genine ?
Genny Zbach 
Geoff Cropper
Geoff Viney
Geoff Wallace
Geoffrey Beetem
Geoffrey Dickinson
Geoffrey Mason
George Agius
George Aslanis
George Bucquet
George Elliot
George Fugate 
George Mullin 
George Ponzini
George Sarfi 
Georgia Pozycinsk
Georgina Cockshott
Gerald Chodak
Gerald Patterson
Geraldine Gandolfo
Gerhard  Emmerichs
Gerie Hermans
Germania  Royale
Gerry  Cummins
Gerry  King
Gerry  Reilly
Gerry Colman 
Gerry King
Gerry Reilly
Gertrude V. Gentile 
Gianni Toso
Giles Bettison
Gili Israel
Gilles Payette
Gillian Mann
Gina Lunn
Gina Poppe
Gina Scriven
Gina Trengrove
Ginger Ferrell
Ginger Kelly
Ginny Ruffner
Gio Ponti
Giovanni Antonio Canal
Giselle Courtney
Glen Howlett
Glen Pattrick
Glenda Kent
Glenistair Hancock
Glenn Abel
Glenn Howlett
Gloria Roszkiewicz
Glynn Thomas
Goran Warff
Gordon E. Smith 
Gordon Smith
Gordon Webster
Grace Cochrane
Graham Clark
Graham Crosby
Graham Hawes
Graham McLeod
Graham Stone
Grant ?
Grant Donaldson
Grant Medwin
Greg Chase 
Greg Dietrich
Greg Fidler
Greg Gepp
Greg Hoglin 
Greg Nangle
Greg Owen
Greg Royer
Greg Seitz
Greg Smith
Gregory Flack
Gregory Price
Gretchen Mchale
GS = Gordon Studio
Gwen Ford
H Anderson
Hamish Donaldson
Hank Murta Adams
Hannah Gasson
Hannah Kippex
Hannah Kuperholz
Hans-Godo Fräbel
Harriet Schwarzrock
Harry Arthur Cooper 
Harry Mckay 
Harry Seaman
Harry Stuart
Harv Harris 
Harvey Littleton
Harvey Stone
Haviva Zemach
Hayley Carpenter
Hayley Tsang
Heather Fields
Heather Trimlett
Hee (Sally) Lee Sueng
Heidi Brodersen 
Heilman  Bronwen
Helen  Boyer
Helen Aitken-Kuhnen
Helen Baros
Helen Hunt
Helen Lee Hoffman 
Helen Peake
Helen Simon 
Helen Stokes
Helga Seimel
Helmut Heibl
Henner Schröder
Henry Hillman
Henry Levine
Henry Richardson
Henry Summa
Herb Babcock
Hero Nelson
Higgins Ryan
Hilary Crawford
Hilary Mchugh
Hillary Faccio
Hiroshi Yamano
Holly Cruise
Holly Grace
Holly Johnson
Holly Stanford
Howard  Ben Tré
Hugh Edward Smith 
Hugh Mckay
Hyunsung Cho

I bamle all snileplg eorrrs on the Cpomuter Kyes.  They confuse my fingers !!!

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Re: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List
« Reply #14 on: May 16, 2016, 03:16:05 PM »
Now for Part two.

Ian  Mowbray
Ian Dixon
Ian Driver
Ian Duncan
Ian Frame
Ian Frith
Ian Gilula
Ian Hankey
Ian Johnstone
Ian Kerr
Ian Taylor
Ian Walters
Ilan Yampolsky
Ilja Bilek
Imre  Toth
Ingrid Hanson
Ioan Nemtoi
Ira Tiffen
Irena Kaluza
Irene Frolic
Iris Litt
Iris Siyi Shen
Isgard Moje-Wohlgemuth
Italo  Scanga
Itoko Iwata
Itzell Tazzyman
Ivan Polak
Ivana Houserova
Ivor Otley
Izabel  ?
J Vergers
J. David Norton
J. W. May
Jaan Poldaas
Jacci Delaney
Jack Allen 
Jack McGrath
Jack Schmidt
Jack Smalligan
Jack Storms
Jackie Braitman
Jackie Page
Jackie Pancari
Jackson Rowe
Jacqueline Berting
Jacqueline Knight
Jacqueline Mckinny
Jacqui Collins-Parker 
Jacqui Gropp
Jacqui Wou
Jacquie Hacansson
Jake Vincent
James  Fletcher
James "Jay"  Lantz 
James (Jim) Brown 
James Albertson
James Alloway - signed "Alloway"
James Breed
James Carcass
James Dean
James Dodson
James Harmon
James Hart 
James J. Riviello
James Kontes
James Labold
James Lundberg
James McMurtrie
James Minson
James Moody
James Nadal
James Nowak 
James R. Wuerfel 
James Shaw
James Spehler
James Thingwold 
James Thompson
James Vella
James Watkins
James Wilbat
Jamie Guerrero
Jamie Harris
Jamie McMurty
Jamie Randall
Jamie Stevens
Jamie Worsley
Jan Aspinall
Jan Beyer
Jan Blum
Jan Clay
Jan Hulling
Jan Kransberger
Jan Mares
Jan Ridden-Clay
Jan Williams
Jane Bruce
Jane Byrne
Jane Charles
Jane Dorner
Jane Gavan
Jane Morrisey
Jane Tivol
Jane Trinder
Jane Walker 
Janelle Al
Janet Kelman
Janet Knowles
Janet Laurence
Janet Nicholson
Janet Sweeney
Janet Wolery
Janice Ayers
Janice Brouwer 
Janice Peacock 
Janice Vitkovsky
Janine Koefoed
Janine Sopp
Janine Tanzer
Janine Toner
Janis Miltenberger
Jannine Cabossel
Janusz Pozniak
Janusz Walentynowicz
Jared Betty
Jared Davis
Jared Delong 
Jaroslava Drvotova
Jasmine Jan
Jasmine Targett
Jason Antol
Jason Chakravarty
Jason McKell
Jason Ruff
Jason Ryner
Jason Sims
Jason Van Dromburgh
Jasper Dowding
Javier Gómez
Jay Bridgland
Jay Macdonell
Jay Von Koffler
Jay  Musler
Jaymz Edmonds
Jayne Waddell Mariel
Jdc Roman
Jean Bishop
Jean Smith
Jean Wells
Jeanne Ferraro
Jeanne Joseph
Jeau Bishop
Jed Green
Jeff Ballard
Jeff Benroth
Jeff Goodman
Jeff Hamilton
Jeff Jackson
Jeff Price
Jeffrey M. Todd
Jeffrey P’an
Jeffrey Phelps
Jemma Clements
Jen  Collins
Jen Elek
Jen Violette
Jenni Kemarre Martiniello
Jennifer Ahrens
Jennifer Ashley King
Jennifer Blazina
Jennifer Lipman-Bartel
Jennifer Lyons
Jennifer Mitchel 
Jennifer Nauck
Jennifer S. Geldard 
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Umphress
Jennifer Zitkov
Jenny Antonio
Jenny Blanthorn
Jenny Loft
Jenny Pedlar
Jenny Pohlman
Jenny Rickards
Jenny Smith
Jeremy Cline
Jeremy I. Unterman
Jeremy Lepisto
Jeremy Lotton
Jeremy Newman
Jeremy Popelka
Jeremy Sinkus
Jeremy  Langford
Jeri Warhaftig
Jerre Davidson
Jerry Heer
Jess  Holtz
Jess ?
Jess Fisher
Jess Wainer
Jesse Bromm
Jesse England
Jessica Casha
Jessica Jane Julius
Jessica Kelly
Jessica Loughlin
Jessica Mackney
Jessica Schimpf
Jessica Stratton-Maccagno
Jessie Surplice
Jessie Taj
Jette Vogte
Jewels Durham
Ji Young Chu
Jill Allan
Jill Staley
Jill Stehn
Jill Yelland
Jillian Molettiere
Jim  Randall
Jim Dennison
Jim Donofrio 
Jim Dyer
Jim Gannon
Jim Holmes
Jim Kontes
Jim Mongrain
Jim Vollmer
Jim Wittman
Jindrich Dolezal
Jindrich Tockstein
Jing Lu
Jinx Garza 
Jirawatn Chavanatit
Jiri Harcuba
Jiri Sin
Jiri Zachar
Jo Wu
Joan Mladenovic
Joanna Bone
Joanna Poche
Joanne Kenny
Joanne Teasdale
Jock Puatjimi
Jodi Salerno
Jody Bone
Joe Pagano
Joe Parra
Joe Peters
Joe Rossano
Joel Bloomberg
Joel O’dorisio
Joel Philip Myers
Joel Rey
Joel Weismer
Joey Kirkpatrick
John Abbott
John Allen "Jack" Choko 
John Anthony
John B. Boyd 
John Brekke
John Burchetta
John Chiles
John Choi
John Cook
John Croucher
John D. Murphy
John De Wit
John Deacons 
John Degenhart 
John Ditchfield
John Dobbs
John Elsegood
John Fields
John Gilmor
John Gooderham 
John Grieg
John Haydn
John Henry Deacons 
John Horne
John Hurd Jones
John Kobuki 
John Lewis
John Littleton
John Longo
John Michael Choko 
John Miller
John Moran
John O'Donaghue
John Paul Robinson
John Pomp
John R. Gentile
John Raymond
John S. Becker
John Schunmann
John Shoemaker
John Sietz
John Smith
John Volpacchio
John Walsh
John White
John Whiteley
Johnathan Westacott
Johnathon Schmuck
Johon Nygren
Johson See-Ming Yu
Joi LaChaussee
Jolom Elna Melusine
Jon Baskett
Jon Clark
Jon Firth
Jon Goldberg
Jon Kuhn
Jon Trabucco
Jonathan Betsch
Jonathan Cohn
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Mandell
Jonathan Slade
Jonathan Winfinsky
Jonathan  Borofsky
Jorgenson  Zachary
José Chardiet
Joseph A. Hobbs
Joseph Alan Rice 
Joseph Cavalieri
Joseph Crisanti 
Joseph Pozycinski
Joseph S. "Joe" Barker 
Josh Bernbaum
Josh  Simpson
Joshua Cole
Joshua Dopp
Joshua Hershman
Joshua Opdenaker
Josiah Mcelheny
Joy Wulke
Joyce Gottlieb
Joyce Louey
Joyce Roessler
Joyce Rooks
Józef Mehoffer 
Jp Long
Judi Elliot
Judith Bohm-Parr
Judith Candy
Judith Conway
Judith Hancock
Judith Lascola
Judith Rodsted
Judith Russell
Judith Shapiro
Judson Guerard
Judy Harris
Judy Jensen
Judy Kotai
Julia Kopievski
Julia Lesiuk
Julia Linstead
Julia M. Reimer
Julian Bamping
Julian Bloxam
Julie Alland
Julie Bloyd
Julie Brand
Julie Conway
Julie L. Clinton
Julie Lund 
Julie Parker
Julie Ryder
Julie Scrutton-Lewis
Julie Speidel
Julio Santos
Julius Weiland
Justin Berg
Justin Cavagnaro
Justin Daniels
Justin Johnson
Justin Lundberg
Justin Parker
Justin Rossi
K. Duperreault
Kain Lewis V.
Kanami Ogata
Karen Akester
Karen Bexfield
Karen Cole
Karen Crosby
Karen Cunningham
Karen Ehart
Karen Elmquist 
Karen Federici 
Karen Gilbert
Karen Ovington
Karen Timmers
Karen Woodward
Kari Minnick
Kari Russell-Poole
Karin Alisa Houben
Karin Richardson
Karin Rumpf
Karina Debon
Karina Del Savio
Karl Carter
Karl Schantz
Karla Trinkley
Karli Sears
Karmen Enderes
Kate Baker
Kate Black
Kate Drew-Wilkinson 
Kate Forrest
Kate Fowle Meleney
Kate Fowle 
Kate Nixon
Kate Olsen
Kate  Vogel
Katerina  Odgers
Katharine Coleman
Katherine Plunkard
Katherine Rutecki
Katherine Stankard Campbell 
Kathleen Eggert
Kathleen Elliot
Kathleen Sheard
Kathryn Schnabel
Kathryn Wardill
Kathy Elliott
Kathy Johnson
Kathy Sinkora
Kathy Wegman
Katie Brown
Katie Holford
Katie-Ann Houghton
Katja Fritzsche
Katja Gruetter
Katrina Creyts
Katrina Hude
Katrina Ruby
Katrina Van Dromburgh
Kay Wraith
Kayo Yokoyama
Kazucho Eguchi
Kazumi Ikemoto
Keiko  Mukaide
Keith Barnett
Keith Bowlby
Keith Clayton
Keith Jones
Keith Mahy
Keith Rowe
Kéké Cribbs
Kela Morris
Kellmis Fernandez
Kelly McGlynn
Kelly Mclain
Ken Brown 
Ken Hanson
Ken Perrin
Ken Rosenfeld
Ken Schneidereit 
Kenneth Carder
Kenneth John Gonzales
Kenneth Leap
Kenny Pieper
Kent Le Grand
Kerleena Mitchell
Kerrick Johnson
Kerry Caron
Kevin  Little
Kevin Beecher
Kevin Boggs
Kevin Gordon
Kevin Gray
Kevin O'Grady
Kevin Siggins
Kevin Smolark
Keysha Whitsel
Khalid Assakr 
Kiara Pelissier
Kim Erixion
Kim Fraczek
Kim Franklin
Kim Manley
Kim Webster
Kimberly White
Kirra Kehlet
Kirsten Adams 
Kirsten Rae
Kirsty Naray 
Kit Karbler 
Kiva Ford
Kjell Engman
Klaus Moje
Klaus Zimmer
Ko  Sonnoy
Koen Vanderstukken
Koichi Matsufuji
Kőiva Meeli
Kontes Nontas
Kris Heaton
Kris Peterson 
Krista Kilvert
Kristel Butcher
Kristin Deady
Kristin Gudjonsdottir
Kristina Logan 
Kumiko Nakajima
Kurt Carlson
Kurt Florimond
Kurumi Conley
Kyle Gribskov
Kylie Neilson
Kyohei Fujita
L. Becker 
L. Scovell (NZ)
Ladislav Dostal
Ladislav Oliva Jr.
Lambert Weston
Lana Holst
Lance Polingyouma
Laney Oxman
Lara Lutrick 
Larissa Spafford
Larry Spritz
Larry Thornhill 
Lars Hellsten
Laszlo Lukacsi
Latchezar Boyadjiev
Laura De Santillana
Laura Donefer
Laura Epton
Laura Murdoch
Laura Vincenti
Laura Ward
Laure Fradin
Laurel Hagner
Laurel Kohut
Lauri Copeland 
Laurie Donnette 
Laurie Fossier-Mills
Laurie Korowitz
Laurie Young
Lawrence Morrell
Layne Rowe
Lea De Wit
Lea Douglas
Lea Topping
Lea Zinke
Leah Fairbanks
Leanne Williams
Lee Campbell
Lee Howes
Lee Miltier
Lee Parsons
Lee Silveri
Leigh Schellekens
Leisa Wharington
Lembitu Sorra
Lena Hannson
Lenda Dweyer
Lene Lunde
Lenka Jaroslava
Leo Tecosky
Leon Applebaum
Leonard Dinardo
Leopold Blaschka
Leos Smejkal
Les Blakeborough
Lesley Nolan
Lesli Simpson
Leslie Belanger 
Leslie Belcher
Leslie Faulkner
Leslie Foxson
Leslie Genninger
Levi Belber
Lewis Batchelor
Lewis Calvin Wilson
Liam Fleming
Liam Reeves
Libby Grey
Lienors Allen
Lienors Torre
Liliana Glenn
Liliane Urech
Lill Ivo
Lillian Blyth
Linda  Fraser
Linda Behar
Linda Campbell 
Linda Cardell
Linda Diec
Linda Dougherty 
Linda Fifield
Linda Graham (Roubineau) 
Linda H. Citron 
Linda Karlik
Linda Macneil
Linda Sacra
Lindquist  Allison Chester
Linley Adams
Lino Tagliapietra
Lisa Beaman 
Lisa Kan
Lisa Koch
Lisa Krivitsky
Lisa Scenti 
Lisa Simmons
Lisa Walsh
Lisabeth Sterling
Lisajoy Sachs
Lisbeth Biger
Lissa Juedemann 
Livio Seguso
Liz Bottomley
Liz Newnham
Liz Sharek
Liza McClure
Llewelyn Ash
Lloyd Atkins
Lois Linker
Lola ?
Lopez  Celso
Loren Stump 
Lorenz  Patti
Loretta Eby
Lori Anderson
Lori Greenberg 
Lori Robbins 
Lori Schinelli
Lorraine Bodger
Lorry Wedding-Marchioro
Lou Prendergast
Lou Stacej
Louella Giles
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Louis Leloup
Louis Majorelle
Louis Sclafani
Louis Thompson
Louise Duthie
Louise Fisher
Louise Fitzgerald
Louise Hay
Lowell B. Calkin 
Loy Allen
Lu Chi
Lubomir Blacha
Lucartha Kohler
Lucas Salton
Lucie Boucher
Lucie Kovarova-Weir
Lucinda Brown
Lucio Bubacco 
Lucy Bergamini
Lucy Chamberlain
Lucy Lyon
Lucy Roussel
Lucy Webb 
Luigi Benzoni
Luisa Restrepo
Luke Foley
Luke Jacomb
Luke Mount
Luna Ryan
Lydia Brichta
Lyn Richards 
Lyndal Bestic
Lynden Over
Lyndsay Patterson
Lyndy Delian
Lynn Elzinga-Henry
Lynne-Rachel Altman
Maayan Feigin
Maciej Dyszkiewicz
MacKenzie Mitchell
Madeline Prowd
Madelyn Ricks
Madisyn Zabel
Magan Stevens
Magdelana Buseck
Maggie Cacchin
Maggie Meister
Maggie Stuart
Makiko Takahashi
Malachi Wilkinson
Malcolm Allister
Malcolm  Sutcliffe
Manuela Wutschke
Marc Boutté
Marc Grundseit
Marc Konys
Marc Leva
Marc Lieb
Marc Petrovic
Marc Vandenberg
Marcaela Faithfull
Marcel Hoogstad Hay
Marcia Newren
Marcus Dillon
Mardi Brown 
Marea Timoko
Margaret Bell
Margaret Burke
Margaret Godfrey
Margaret Neher
Margaret Stone
Margo Alexander
Margo C. Field 
Margot Freeman
Margot Gotoff
Maria Lugossy
Maria Perez-Bastian 
Marian Karel
Marianne Kohler
Marianne Spottswood
Marianne Weil
Marie Brandolini
Marie Hart
Marie Pierre Daigle
Marie Simberg-Hoglund
Mariella McKinley
Marilyn Kimble Holt 
Marilyn Palley
Marilyn Peraza 
Marilyn Raw
Marina Hanser
Mario Dei Rossi 
Marisa Begou
Mariusz Rynkiewicz
Mark Abildgaard
Mark Bokesch-Parsons
Mark Buttsworth
Mark Davoren
Mark Douglass
Mark Eliott
Mark Ferguson
Mark Galton
Mark Hewson
Mark Hursty
Mark Kalifa
Mark Kidd
Mark Kinsella
Mark Kobasz
Mark Lammi
Mark Leputa
Mark Lewis
Mark Matthews
Mark Peiser
Mark Reigelman
Mark Rosenbaum
Mark Russell
Mark Thiele
Mark Thompson
Mark Wotherspoon
Markels Roberts
Markian Olynyk
Marlene Rose-Coates
Marlo Cronquist
Marna Clark
Marta Edocs
Marta Raczkowska
Martha Croasdale
Martha Henry
Martha Kauppi
Martha Savery
Martie Negri
Martin Blank
Martin Demaine
Martin Janecky
Martin Kremer
Martin Minh
Martin Podolsky
Martin Rosol
Martin  Tink
Marty Hook
Marvin  Lipofsky
Mary Ann Babula
Mary Bayard White
Mary Ellen Buxton
Mary Ellen Graham
Mary Gaumond 
Mary Kennedy 
Mary Mullaney 
Mary Rogers
Mary Shaffer
Mary Van Cline
Maryann Moenck 
Mary-Melinda Wellsandt
Masahiro Asaka
Masaki Kawanabe
Masao Matsumoto
Masayo Odahashi
Massimo Lunardon
Massimo Micheluzzi
Massimo Nordio
Mat Quicke
Mathew Whalley
Mats Jonasson 
Matsumoto Yukimi
Matt Bryce
Matt Burgess
Matt Eskuche
Matt Ryan
Matt Seasholtz
Matt Szosz
Matt Tchan
Matthew Cattanach
Matthew Cummings
Matthew Curtis
Matthew Farrell
Matthew Fine
Matthew Goodlet
Matthew Heaney
Matthew Larwood
Matthew Urban
Maude Bussieres
Maura Shenker
Maureen  Cahill
Maureen Williams
Maurice Derricks
Maurice Marinot 
Mauro Bonaventura
Mavis Smith 
Max Jacquard
Max Lamb
Maxwell Davis
Maxwell Kilian 
May Rosas
Mayuel Ward
Meera Singh
Meg Caslake
Megan Biddle
Megan Holman
Megumi Esaki
Mel Douglas
Mel Fraser
Mel George
Mel Munsen
Mel Simpson
Mel Willis
Melanie Ceek 
Melanie Egan
Melanie Leppla
Melanie Stuart 
Melinda Melanson
Melinda Willis
Melissa Ayotte
Melissa Fordyce
Melissa Misoda
Melissa Perry 
Melody Topping
Merinda  Young
Mervi Haapakoski
Meza Rijsdijk
Mia Itasaki
Michael A. Fisher
Michael Alha
Michael Amis
Michael Bang
Michael Behrens
Michael Biello
Michael Cohn
Michael D'Aquino
Michael Deptuch
Michael Dupille
Michael Egan
Michael Geipet
Michael Glancy
Michael Gleason
Michael Harris
Michael Hayes
Michael Hermann
Michael Hofmann
Michael Hook
Michael Hopko
Michael James Hunter 
Michael Keighery
Michael Koeper
Michael Mangiafico
Michael McCoy
Michael Meilahn
Michael Menconi
Michael Miro
Michael Mulholland
Michael Nourot
Michael Novak
Michael Nunn
Michael O’keefe
Michael Pavlik
Michael Rogers
Michael Ruh
Michael Schunke
Michael Sosin
Michael Taylor
Michael Trimpol
Michael Wilhite
Michael Wilson
Michaela Burgess
Michaela Maria Moeller
Michal Stanek
Michele Fermanis-Winward
Michele Kurtis Cole
Michele Lapointe
Michele Mcmanus
Michele Super
Michelle Heriot
Michelle Ivory
Michelle Kaptur - signed "Kaptur"
Michelle Knox
Michelle Rial
Michelle Selway
Michou Pascale Anderson
Mickey Stuewe
Micki Lippe
Mikael Darni
Mikaela Brown
Mike Crawford
Mike Edmondson 
Mike Shaw
Miki Kubo
Mikyoung Jung
Miles  Johnston
Miles Van Rensselaer
Milissa A. Montini 
Miller Rodman
Milon Townsend
Minh Martin
Minna Koistinen
Minoru Shimomura
Mira Maylor
Miri Admoni
Misti Anne  ? (Davis perhaps)
Misti Davis
Mitch Laplante
Mitchell Berg
Monica Guggisberg
Monica Larrson
Monica Prichard
Monique Ave
Monique Tse
Monroe Davids
Moretti  Paolo
Morgan Shimeld
Morton Yeates
Moshe Pleshett
Motoyama  Sumiko
Nadege Desgenetez
Nadia Mercuri
Namaya Fox
Nancy Allen
Nancy Arthur-Mcgehee
Nancy Blair
Nancy Byles
Nancy Current
Nancy Gong
Nancy Hom
Nancy Nagel
Nancy Pilgrim 
Nancy Roeters Edelsmid
Nancy Schrieber-Smith
Naomi Hunter
Naomi Shioya
Napier Waller
Natali Rodrigues
Natalie Jenkins
Natalie Monkivitch
Natasha Adamson
Natasha Filippelli
Natasha Natale
Nathan Purcell
Neal Drobnis
Neil Chaikel
Neil Duman
Neil McKenzie
Neville Spears
Ngaio Fitzpatrick
Nicholas Manion
Nicholas Ruth
Nick Adams
Nick Beaman
Nick Mount
Nick Orsler
Nick Spyker (?)
Nick Wirdnam
Nicolas Africano
Nicolas Gabay
Nicole Chesney
Nicole Feller-Johnson
Nien Schwarz
Nigel Schroder
Niki Harley
Niki Hildebrand
Nikki Main
Nikki Marcel
Nikki Vahle
Nikolas Weinstein
Nina  Ray
Nina Falk
Nina Paladino
Nirit Dekel
Nives Marcassoli
Noah Hagiladi
Noah Hartley
Noel Hart
Noel Laue
Nola Payton
Nolly Gelsinger
Norm Dibble
Norm Pedersen
Oben Abright
Ola Simberg-Hoglund
Ole Winther
Oliver Doriss
OM = Ogishi Mizuno
Oritt Landau
Orly Wexler
Owen Dodge 
Owen Johnson
Owen Pach
I bamle all snileplg eorrrs on the Cpomuter Kyes.  They confuse my fingers !!!

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Re: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List
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Finally - lucky last part #3

P  Yates (engraver)   
P A   
P Schulz   
P Strom (Per-Olaf Strom)     
Paddy Robinson   
Page Hazelgrove    
Pam  Hapsis   
Pamela J. Crooks    
Pamina Traylor    
Paolo Venini    
Paris-Donelle Johansson   
Parker Chandler    
Parsley  Johne    
Pascal Aeberhard   
Pat Bako    
Pat Owens    
Pat Smith    
Pati Walton    
Patrice Ballew    
Patricia Batten    
Patricia Davidson    
Patricia Frantz   
Patricia M. Xenos    
Patricia Weyer    
Patrick de Sumo   
Patrick Martin    
Patrick McKeown   
Patrick Stern    
Patrick Wong   
Patsy Hely   
Patti Dougherty    
Patti Hegland   
Patty Gray    
Paul  Kempen   
Paul Armel    
Paul Barcroft    
Paul Bendzunas    
Paul Counts   
Paul Cunningham    
Paul Davey   
Paul Harrie   
Paul Haworth   
Paul Hayworth   
Paul J. Robinson    
Paul Kelsey   
Paul Marioni    
Paul Miller   
Paul Musgrove    
Paul Sanders   
Paul Schwieder    
Paul Seide    
Paul Stankard   
Paul Willsea   
Paul Woods    
Paul Ysart    
Paul  Housberg    
Paula Dow    
Paula Mandel    
Paula Stokes    
Pauline Delaney   
Pauline Mount   
Pauline North   
Pauline Solven    
Pauline Stankard Iacovino   
Paulus Tjiang    
Pavel Hlava    
Pavel Novak    
Pavel Tomecko   
Pavla Bartakova    
Pawel Borowski    
Pearl Dick    
Peet Robison    
Peggy Pettigrew Stewart    
Peggy Rose    
Penel Bigg   
Penelope Comfort Starr    
Penni Clarke   
Penny Fuller    
Per Lutken   
Pete Lewis    
Pete Turberfield    
Peter Blizzard   
Peter Bowles   
Peter Bramhall    
Peter Bremers    
Peter Campbell   
Peter Crisp   
Peter Cummings   
Peter Docherty   
Peter Dreiser     
Peter Goss   
Peter Greenwood    
Peter Hanauer    
Peter Hewlett    
Peter Holmes    
Peter J Reynolds   
Peter Kovacsy   
Peter Layton    
Peter Mangan    
Peter McDougall    
Peter Minson   
Peter Moorfoot   
Peter Muller    
Peter Nilsson   
Peter Powning    
Peter Raos   
Peter Ridabock   
Peter Rumball   
Peter Schiller   
Peter Stephenson   
Peter Trout Gard    
Peter Tysoe   
Peter Vanderlaan   
Peter Viesnik   
Peter Waldman    
Peter Wright    
Peter Yenawine    
Peter  Newsome    
Phil Atrill    
Phil Barfield   
Phil Bickley    
Phil Malcolm   
Philip Aitken    
Philip Allen   
Philip G. Crooks   
Philip Handel   
Philip Robson   
Philip Satchell   
Philip Stokes   
Phillip Nolley    
Phillipa Playford   
Phillippa Harvey   
Philomena Masters   
Pierre Bouchard    
Pino Cherchi   
Pipit Pujiastuti   
Poenisch  Kim Vanantwerp    
Pollard  Connie    
Polly Brumder    
Preston Singletary    
R. Jason Howard    
Rachel Kalisky    
Rachel Shoham    
Racquel Austin-Abdullah   
Rafael Gevorkian    
Rafael Leiton    
Raj Kommineni   
Ralph Mossman    
Randall Grubb    
Randall Sach   
Randi Birk    
Randi Solin    
Randy Strong    
Randy Weisser    
Raquel Stolarski-Assael    
Ray ????   
Ray Banford    
Ray Flavell    
Ray Friday    
Ray Howlett    
Ray King    
Ray Laubs    
Ray  Isis    
Raymond L. Ansin    
Rebecca Coote   
Rebecca Hartman-Kearns   
Rebecca Jurgens    
Rebecca Maras   
Rebecca Pitkow    
Reed Slater    
Regina Jaugietis   
Renata Crowe    
Renato Foti    
Rene Culler    
René Lalique    
Rene Rubicek    
Renee Miller-Knight    
Renee Pound    
Reynoldo "Rey" Garza    
Rhonda Freeman   
Rhonda O'Connor   
Rhys Williams M.    
Richard  Morrell   
Richard  Neumann   
Richard "Smitty" ť Smith    
Richard (Rick) Satava   
Richard Altman    
Richard Arentzen    
Richard C. Marquis    
Richard Cermak    
Richard Clark    
Richard Clements   
Richard E. Hamon    
Richard Federici    
Richard Glenn    
Richard Golding   
Richard Jackson    
Richard Jolley    
Richard Kay   
Richard Lamprecht   
Richard Lanuti    
Richard Meitner    
Richard Mole    
Richard Morrell   
Richard Olmas   
Richard Q. Riter    
Richard Royal    
Richard Satava    
Richard Seegers   
Richard Snashall   
Richard Swift   
Richard Marquis    
Richard Ritter    
Rick Ayotte    
Rick Barnsley   
Rick Cook   
Rick Eckerd    
Rick Eggert    
Rick Hunter   
Rick Nicholson    
Rick S. Beck    
Rick Schneider   
Rick  Mills    
Rickey D. Clark    
Ricky Bernstein    
Ricky Charles Dodson    
Riget  Monique    
Rika Hawes    
Riko K.   
Risako Miyamoto    
Risako Yahagi    
Rish Gordon   
Rita Paul    
Ro Purser    
Rob Clark   
Rob Knottenbelt   
Rob Raeside    
Rob Sheridan   
Rob Snyder    
Rob Stern    
Rob Stewart   
Rob Tribble    
Rob Wynne   
Robert Baines   
Robert Bind   
Robert Burch   
Robert D. Phillips    
Robert Dane    
Robert Eickholt   
Robert Foster   
Robert Gamm   
Robert Gatt   
Robert Geyer    
Robert Grablow    
Robert Hamon    
Robert Handley    
Robert Lagrand    
Robert Laughlin    
Robert Levin    
Robert Mickelsen    
Robert Middlestead   
Robert Quarrick    
Robert Richard Hansen    
Robert Santacroce    
Robert Stewart    
Robert Wetzel    
Robert Woldow    
Roberta Easton   
Roberta Simpson   
Roberto P. Soto Pablo   
Robin Best   
Robin Cass    
Robin Grebe    
Robin Lehman    
Robin Mix    
Robin Rogers    
Robin Sevill   
Robyn Campbell   
Robyn Lingard   
Rodney Smith   
Rodney Young   
Roger Buddle   
Roger Demyttenaere    
Roger Gandelman   
Roger Thomas    
Roger Vines   
Roland Jahn    
Roland R. Correia   
Roland Roger    
Rolf Wald    
Rolfe  Powell Stephen    
Rollin Karg    
Romani Benjamin   
Ron Fleming    
Ron Lukian    
Ron Porter   
Ron Reisman    
Ron Schuster   
Ron Starr    
Ronald Edwin Hansen    
Ronald Labelle    
Ronald Pennell    
Ronald Ray    
Ronald Stennett Wilson   
Ronit Dagan    
Ronnie Lambrou    
Ronnie Wilkinson    
Ronnie Wolf    
Rosalina Mann   
Rose-Mary Faulkner   
Rosette Fleming    
Roslyn Harris   
Ross Duncan   
Ross Hall   
Ross K    OR       Rose K   
Ross McKenzie   
Ross Richmond    
Rowena Tank    
Rozlyn de Bussey   
Rudolf Blaschka    
Ruth Allen   
Ruth Brockmann    
Ruth Downham   
Ruth McCallum-Howell   
Ruth Oliphant   
Ruth Siegel    
Ryan Higgins    
Ryan Mcgivern    
Saabi Forrester   
Sabrina Cant    
Sadna Kumbhani    
Sage Holland    
Sally  Musset   
Sally Balfour   
Sally Fawkes    
Sally Penn Smith    
Sally Portnoy   
Sally Prasch    
Salvador Ysart    
Salvadore Equilhua    
Salvatore Mata Luque   
Salviati Dino Martens   
Sam  Ireland   
Sam Drumgoole    
Sam Herman    
Sam Stang    
Sam Sweet    
Samantha Hookway    
Samuel E. Walsh-Bates    
Sandra  Appelby   
Sandra Berger    
Sandy Chisolm    
Sara Bakken    
Sara Hellsing   
Sara Sally Lagrand    
Sarah Field   
Sarah Hicks   
Sarah Humphrey   
Sarah Jane Fieldsend   
Sarah McHugh   
Sarah Parker   
Sarah Rudin   
Sary Zananiri   
Sasha Zhitneva    
Satoshi Nishizaki    
Sayaka Suzuki    
Schindler  Beverly    
Scotia Of Scotland    
Scott Amrhein    
Scott Bayless   
Scott Benefield    
Scott Bisson    
Scott Bryant   
Scott Chambers    
Scott Chaseling    
Scott Coleman   
Scott Coucher   
Scott Hodes    .
Scott Joyce   
Scott Pernicka   
Scott Robinson   
Scott Simmons    
Scott Spenser   
Scott Wolfson    
Scott Allan    
Sean Albert    
Sean Mercer    
Sean O'Donohue   
Sent Sisters    
Sergey Bunkov    
Sergio Redegalli   
Seth Fairweather    
Seth  Parks    
Setsuko Ogishi   
Shaelene Murray   
Shan Shan Sheng    
Shane Caswell    
Shane Fero    
Shannon Brunskill    
Shannon Kindle   
Shar Feil/Moorman   
Sharon Bates    
Sharon Frankel    
Sharon Owens    
Sharon Peters    
Shaun Griffiths    
Shawn E. Messenger    
Shay  Kenneth    
Shayna Leib    
Sheila Brossman    
Shelley Jones    
Shelley Muzylowski-Allen    
Sherry Schuster    
Sheryl Ellinwood    
Shiloh Hunkapiller    
Shinichi Higuchi    
Shinji Yonehara    
Shirley Cook     
Shirley Erickson    
Shirley Gibson   
Shizuko Somadori   
Shona Firman    
Shona Spittal   
Shunji Omura    
Sian Adnam   
Siddy Langley    
Sidse Werner   
Silvana Ferrario   
Silvia Levenson    
Silvio  Vigliaturo    
Simon Butler   
Simon Moore    
Siv Fjaerestad   
Sol Mesz    
Sonja Blomdahl    
Sophia Emmett   
Sophie Newland   
Spike Deane   
Stafford Glass   
Stanislav Libensky    
Stanislav Melis   
Stanislaw Borowski    
Stephan Cox    
Stephanie Aghbachian    
Stephanie Gough   
Stephanie Sersich    
Stephanie Trenchard    
Stephen Davis   
Stephen Dee Edwards    
Stephen Gartner   
Stephen Hodder    
Stephen Meyer    
Stephen Morris   
Stephen Nelson    
Stephen Paul Day    
Stephen Pon    
Stephen Proctor    
Stephen Rolfe Powell    
Stephen Schlanser    
Stephen Skillitzi    
Steve Cox    
Steve Davies   
Steve Easton    
Steve Exner   
Steve Funk    
Steve Kemmerley    
Steve Klein    
Steve Scott   
Steve Sizelove    
Steve Smyers   
Steve Sokoloff    
Steve Tobin    
Steve Wright    
Steven Davis   
Steven Eisenhauer    
Steven Haszonics    
Steven Lundberg    
Steven Main    
Steven Maslach    
Steven Newell    
Steven Tatar    
Steven V. Correia   
Steven Weinberg    
Steven Wilber    
Stevi Fieldsend   
Stopher Christensen    
Stuart Abelman    
Stuart Garfoot    
Stuart Hearn    
Stuart  Clarke Norman    
Sue Axford   
Sue Browning   
Sue Hunnel    
Sue Keelan    
Sue Kesteven   
Sue McPherson   
Sue Michener Fox    
Sue Moe    
Sue Palmieri   
Sue Rodwell   
Sue Stewart    
Sue Woolhouse    
Suellen Fowler    
Suellen Parker    
Sugiki Boyd   
Sui Jackson   
Sunny Wang    
Suresh Dutt    
Susan B. Bartlett    
Susan Bishop   
Susan Bloch    
Susan Cohn   
Susan Edgerley    
Susan Gott    
Susan Gottselig    
Susan Green    
Susan H. Farley    
Susan Hood   
Susan Hutsko    
Susan Longini    
Susan Notaro Lane   
Susan Papada & Courtney Daly    
Susan Pratt-Smith   
Susan Rankin    
Susan Seier-Hickman   
Susan Silver Brown    
Susan Silvy    
Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend    
Susan Taylor Glasgow    
Susan Wright    
Susannah Terauds   
Susanne Precht    
Susie Barnes    
Susie Slabaugh    
Suzannah Quirk   
Suzanne Reese Horvitz    
Sven Palmqvist   
Svetlana Romanova    
Sydney Cash    
Sylvia Simon    
Sylvie Elise Lansdowne   
T.C. Robertson    
TAG = Tricia Allen Glass   
Takahashi  Wakana    
Take T  Yusuke   
Tali Dalton   
Taliaferro Jones    
Tamara Coatsworth    
Tami King    
Tammy Bality    
Tammy Cook    
Tammy Hudgeon    
Tanya Clarke    
Tanya Lyons    
Tara-May Costigan   
Tarn  Sylvus    
Tavita Havea    
Tchai Munch   
Tegan Catteral   
Tegan Empson   
Tenielle Kennedy   
Tera Belinskky-Yoder    
Teresa Krage    
Teresa Laliberte    
Teresa Mcpherson    
Teresa Pinto    
Teri Conklin    
Teri Sokoloff   
Terrence Plowright   
Terri Bromberg    
Terri Sterling    
Terrie Corbett    
Terrill Waldman    
Terry Beaston   
Terry Eager   
Tessa Clegg    
Tessa Duke   
Teuchert-Rimkus  Jacqueline    
Tevita Havea   
Theo Keller    
Theodora Jonsson    
Theresa Hess    
Therman  Statom    
Thomas Blank    
Thomas Fuhrman    
Thomas Henty   
Thomas Kreager    
Thomas Maras    
Thomas Pearson   
Thomas Schütte   
Thomas Spake    
Thomas Yeend   
Tiffany Zink    
Tim  Edwards   
Tim  Horn   
Tim  Horne   
Tim Carruthers    
Tim Drier    
Tim Edwards   
Tim Fields    
Tim Frankenfield    
Tim Harris    
Tim Lazer   
Tim Newbold   
Tim O’neill    
Tim Shaw    
Tim Tate    
Tim Wagner    
Timo Sarpaneva    
Timothy Bassett   
Timothy Hochstetter    
Timothy L. Keyzers    
Timothy Lindemann   
Timothy Moore   
Timothy Newbold   
Tina Betz    
Tina Cooper    
Tjiang Paul    
Tobia Venini    
Tobias Hagberg   
Tobias Mohl    
Todd Douglas Kelly    
Todd Hansen    
Tokiko Tatemoto   
Toland Sand    
Tom Bloyd   
Tom Considine    
Tom Farbanish    
Tom Kearcher    
Tom Kelly    
Tom Levkovski   
Tom Mcglauchlin    
Tom Moore   
Tom Mosser   
Tom Persson   
Tom Philabaum   
Tom Rowney    
Tom Rupnicki    
Tom St. Clair    
Tom Wegman    
Tommie Rush    
Tone Orvik    
Tony Hanning   
Tony Jojola    
Tony Kuepfer   
Tony Serviente    
Tony Toccalino    
Tony Trivett   
Toots Zynsky    
Torben Jorgensen   
Toru Sato    
Toshio Iezumi    
Trefny Dix    
Trevor Rodwell   
Tricia Allen   
Tricia Stokes    
Trinh Nguyen    
Trish Roan   
Trish Smith   
Trofimiuk  Zoja    
Trudy Hardman   
Tulin Yigit Akgul    
Turnmill Studio   
TY S   
Tyler Hopkins    
Tyrone Renyon   
TYS initials   
Ulla Darni    
Ulrica Hydman-Vallien    
Ursula Koering    
Valentin Venetik    
Valentine  Nicole    
Valerie Beck    
Vanessa Cutler    
Vanessa Yanow    
Vaughn Bisschops   
Veda Bickley    
Velta Vilmanis   
Venghaus Sherrie    
Vera Roeder    
Vera Sattler    
Verena Durrer    
Verena Trautwein-Maranger    
Verity Burley   
Vernon Brejcha    
Veronica Andrus-Blaskievics   
Veronique Southan   
Veruska Vagen    
Vic Bamforth    
Vicci Crowley-Clough   
Vicke Lindstrand    
Vicki Cederquist   
Vicki Fanning   
Vickie Melanson   
Vicky Torr   
Victor Chiarizia    
Victor Ramsay    
Victor Trabucco    
Victoria Anderson   
Victoria Calabro    
Vincent Norrito    
Virginia Kaiser   
Virginia Wilson Toccalino   
Vittorio Zecchini    
Vivian Bunn   
Vivian Wang    
Vivienne Bell    
Vladimir Kopecky    
Vladimira Klumpar    
W Heidt   
W I   
Walker Dodson    
Warren Carther    
Warren Langley    
Warren  Mike    
Wayne Fitzgerald    
Wayne Pearson   
Wayne Rayson   
Wayne Robbins    
Wayne Snowdon   
Wayne Strattman    
Wendy  Fairclough   
Wendy Fowler    
Wendy Hannam    
Wendy Meyen   
Wendy Taylor    
Wendy Tobler    
Wes Hunting    
Wesley Fleming    
Wesley Lutz    
Wesley Neal Rasko    
Westley Tully   
Wiley Jackson    
Wilford "Dink" Stead    
Will Dexter    
William Barr Taylor    
William Barr    
William Biggers Jr.    
William C. Stokes III   
William Carlson    
William Clark Burchfield   
William Couig    
William David Manson    
William F. Breeden    
William Glasner    
William Gudenrath    
William J. Iorio    
William Lequier    
William Manson Jr.   
William Manson Snr.   
William Mcclure    
William Morris    
William Valla    
William Walker    
William Warehall    
Wolf Jansen   
Won Park Sung    
WR = Wilderness Range   
Yaffa Sikorsky-Todd    
Yaffa Todd   
Yhonnie Scarse   
Yolanda Blans   
Yuki Uchimura    
Yuko Fujitsuka    
Yuri Ishida    
Yuri Tamura   
Yusuke Takemura   
Yvette van Berkel   
Zach Puchowitz    
Zach Rudolph    
Zachary Jorgenson    
Zara Collins   
Zdenek Lhotsky    
Zhonu Moon   
Zíngara Yuli Lowndes    
Zoe Woods   
Zoja Trofimiuk   
Zoltan Bohus    
Zora Pavlova    
Zoran Stojanovic   
A Touch of Glass   (Chris Lucas)
Abelman Art Glass   
Alum Bay   (Chris Lucas)
Anchor Bend Glassworks   
Antonio Garcia Studio    
Avondale glass   
BCG = Brittania Creek Glass   (Rob Knottenbelt)
Blue Flame Studios   
Brandywine Glassworks   
Brimstone Glassworks   
Caithness Glass    
Cape Cod Glass Works   
CBHG = Cape Byron Hot Glass   (Colin Heaney)
Chatham Glass    
Corning Glass Works    
Correia Art Glass   
Cowdy Glass   
Cristal D'Albret   
Crystal Art Glass   
Crystal Fox Glass    (Richard Satava)
Cumbria Crystal   
De Neveu Glass   (Anton Intaglio)
Denizen Glass   (Robert Wynne)
DKL Studio   
Dorflinger Glass Works    
Durham Glass   
Edinburgh Crystal    
Eirian Glass (Wales)   
Epiphany glass   
Essential Glass Works   
Farfalla Paperweights    
Fenton Glass   
Fineline Studios / Kerry Feldman   
Flaming Daisy Studio   (Anthony Genet, NZ)
Flygsfors  Coquille   
FM Ronneby / Marcolin   
Gentile Glass Company   
Ghent Glass    
Gibson Glass   
Glass Act Studio   
Glass Eye Studio   
Glassform   (John Ditchfield)
Glassplant studio   
Goldfarb Alan Studio   
Gossamer Glass   
Green Mountain Glassworks   
Guadalupe Glass   
Guernsey Glass   
Harrie Art Glass   
Heron Glass   
Hoglund Art Glass   
Hokatika Glass   
Holder of the Stone Glass   
Hot Glass Company(NZ)   
Hot Tub Glass   
Isle of Wight Glass   
Islington Glass Works    
Jane Charles Studio Glass   
Jerpoint Glass Studio   
John Cook Studios & Gallery   
John Walsh-Walsh Ltd.   
Judy Crumrine Stained Glass   
Karg Art Glass   
Karuna Glass   
Kerry Glass   
Kitras Art Glass    
Krystyna Glass LTD .   
Langham glass   
Langkawi Crystal(Malaysia)   
LaserGlass Art Corp   
Lava Glass(NZ)   
Leixus (France)   
Leonora Glass(Australia)   
Levay Glass   
Lillico Glass   
Lindsay Art Glass   
Liquid Light Glass   
Liskeard Glass   
Lost Coast Art Glass   
Lucinda Glass    
Lukian Studios   
Lundberg Studios Inc   
Lundberg Studios    
Mary Mountain Stream   
Maytum Studio   
Melting Pot Glass   (Gerry Reilly)
Meridian St. Art Glass   
Midsummer Glassmakers   
Millrace glass   
Milropa glass   
MSH = Mount St Helens glass   
Neo Art Glass   
Nicholson Blown Glass   
Nuance Blown Glass Studio   
Nudibranch Art Glass   
Oasis Crystal   
OBG = Ornamental Blown Glass   
Orient & Flume    
Pairpoint Glass Company    
Parabelle Glass   
Paul Counts Art Glass. Inc   
Peacock Glass - Elwood, Indiana   
Perthshire Paperweights    
Pfeiffer (Netherlands)   
Pheonix Glass    
Phoenix Paperweights Ltd.    
Quarandi Glass (Argentina)   
Red Hot Glass   
Renaissance Glassworks   
Riccardo Glass   
Rikaro Glass   
River Glass   
Riverside Studio Inc.   
Robert Held Art Glass   
Roger Gandelman Art Glass   
Romeo Glass   
Rosetree Glass Studio   
Royal Brierley   
Royal Leerdam Crystal   
Satava Art Glass   
Scanga Foundation Italo   
Schmidt Rhea Glass   
Scottish Borders Art Glass   
See Glass   
Seegers & Fein Glass   
Seguso Vetri d’Arte   
Selkirk Glass    
Slate Grove    
Solstice Art Glass   
Soul Glass   
SoulBursts (memorials by Michelle Kaptur)   
Springfield Hot Glass Studio   
St. Andrew    
St. Clair Glass Works    
St. Johns Crystal   
St. Kilda Glass    
St. Mande   
St. Tudy glass   
Steirisches Glass   
Strombergshyttan / Stromberg   
Studio Ahus   
Studio Woock   
Studios Schuster    
Sumo Glass Studio   
Sunrise Glassworks   
The Danbury Mint    
The Jam Factory, Adelaide   
Thorn Ridge Studios   
Touchstone Glass   
Trickery Glass   
TVG = Teign Valley Glass   
Tweedsmuir glass   
Twists Glass Studio    
Union Glass Company    
Uredale Glass   
Vandermark Merritt Glass Studios   
Venus Hot Glass Studio    
Verrier de Pheonix (Mauritius)   
Villeroy & Boch   
Vines Art Glass   
Vines of Mt St Helen    
Violet Hill Studios   
Virgil's Art Glass   
Vitrix Glass   
Volcano Studio (Hawaii)   
Webb Crystal   
Wilkerson Handmade Glass    
Willsea O'Brien Glass   
Windfire Beads    
Winfisky Glass   
Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass   
Zack Studios   
Zellique Studio   
Zimmerman Art Glass Company    
I bamle all snileplg eorrrs on the Cpomuter Kyes.  They confuse my fingers !!!

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Re: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List
« Reply #16 on: May 21, 2016, 03:01:14 AM »
This is pretty awesome when you think about it.  Over 3K names is a true wealth of knowledge to benefit from.  Thank you so much for the additions all.  I pasted the additions that were made into my list and because the names are arranged differently I now have over 4500 names.  Thats ok with me because I will be using the "Find" feature in excel most of the time anyways.  But I did have some pesky side by side duplicates that I should have thought of before posting the original list.  For those of you out there who already have your list, there is a way to "remove duplicates" under the "Data Tab".  Select the whole column and hit that button.  But then you will find that some duplicates still remain because there are extra "spaces" in the cell.  You can use the "Trim" feature to get rid of some of them.  Youtube "Trim in excel" to get a better understanding of it.  Finally, you will come to the realization that even "Trim" doesnt get rid of all the spaces, thats because when we copy names from websites we pick up different kinds of spaces that trim doesnt recognize.  There is an alternative formula:  =TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(160),CHAR(32)))
This is assuming you have your list starting in cell A1.  But you really should watch the video of Trim to get the concept before plugging in this formula.

  Sorry if this seems a bit confusing, this is more for the perfectionists out there whose OCD wont allow duplicate names in their list LOL.  But, if your only planning on using the "Find" feature anyways, this is all really unnecessary.  Hope this helps.  I know that I sold a piece of art glass last week, that was from an artist I had sold a previous piece of a long time ago.  But I didnt update my list when I knew who the artist was during that first sale.  So, when I checked my list this last time and didnt find his name, I instead went off of my minimal quality valuation and sold the piece for $125.  Turns out it was a Richard Silver Ruby Tourmaline.  Well thats just the way it goes, and I am making sure I update my list every single time now hahahahaha.



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