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Re: (Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 4

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Loving your glass "column" dispay shelving almost as much as the glass!

This isn't really a display image, but I had perfect light in the utility room for the first time this year, decided to grab the window of opportunity to take some pics. Of course, the batteries were flat and I didn't manage much and the sun had moved by the time the batteries were charged.
I had these bits lined up, waiting to be properly posed etc. for individual and group pics, when the sun caught them and they all just came alive - I had to grab this pic before it vanished! Obviously it's a flat, 2-D image, you can't capture the effect of the experience of seeing it in one flat image.

Bought another display unit. So now I have one either side of my sofa. Filled it with Msisov Rhapsody, IOW (Glasform and Siddy Langley) and glass animals.


I want to see the bottom shelf please Adam. :-)

This is my new display of Monart in my living room.
1/ Shape RB vase
2/ Shape N vase
3/ Shape C vase
4/ Shape OB powder bowl
5/ Shape VG bowl
6/ Shape KI powder bowl
7/ Shape ZA bowl
8/ Shape CB vase
9/ Shape SD bathsalts jar
10/ Shape Mushroom lamp
11/ Shape Z ginger jar

What a beautiful way to display them Gary!  Very classy indeed. 

(Adam, please, when you have a moment, I really would love to see the bottom shelf !)


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