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Re: (Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 4

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Only been collecting for about two weeks. So much to learn. Mainly junk I think. LOL

For a beginner, that's fairly sophisticated junk.... where are the bits of frilly Chance Fiestaware with wedding anniversaries on them that we normally start off with?

I wouldn't mind some of your junk...its  a lovely collection !!! ;D

flying free:
Sue, love the Mdina  colours and shapes - they're beautiful. 

And the display of Monart is fabulous :)

The sun came out amidst the fog so I took a quick pic of some uranium Victorian glass on a shelf on my display

Photo showing the little and large of my Monart pieces.
1/ DF bowl 33cm wide
2/ GE bowl 8.5cm wide
3/ A   vase 7cm high
4/ FB vase 31cm high


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