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Re: (Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 4

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I've made it thru a few of the threads still making my way thru all of these. I love looking at your collections! So much great stuff!

here is my contribution

I ended up with 39 photos so it's easier just to create a folder. LOL. I didn't get everything but it's a  solid sampling. :)

Flying free. Love that victorian oil lamp a couple pictures up.

hmm I was hoping to edit that post? Can you not do that any more? I've gone on a couple arrangement missions of the shelves this year, then I get distracted because I have so much glass so I end up with mish mash shelves or shelves that are nearly empty or just crowded to the point of ridiculousness. It's definitely a work in progress for me. I need more shelves.

Selena posted a thread back.. she had a tall white piece with lilies I think, and an amber piece with birds..

The white one is Josephinenhuette and the amber one is most likely Harrach (maybe Josephienhuette as well)

What a beautiful collection Alisa,  and I even noticed a few little animals sneaking into one of the cabinets!!  :)

I laughed when I read you kept getting distracted when reorganising!  I have the same problem!  I need more shelves and have over 10 boxes of glass animals and birds packed away. 
Believe it or not, I promised myself I would never do this and could never understand how anyone could,  but, well here I am with not enough cupboards and too few shelves with too many pieces of glass I can't bear to part with!!

According to my friends,  I am obsessed with glass and am now classed as a serious collector!!  :o

lol yeah I've started selling a little both to free up room and to fund future purchases. when it started ending up in boxes I started thinking WTF am I doing? I probably have 10 or 15 glass animals. Everyone needs at least one or two.

Gary, Love the Monart piece!


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