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Re: (Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... part 4

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flying free:
Group of brightly coloured opaline glass enamelled and gilded variously c1840-1880
Bohemian, Russian (plate), English (yellow vase probably)

Nancy, they are SPECTACULAR!! What a wonderful collection, and so nicely displayed as well.  You must be one very proud owner of those special pieces.
Thank you for sharing.

Like those m,the cabinet is rather nice also, ;D ;D

Oh m,  I meant  you, sorry,  I went back to change it and found I had passed the change by time!!  Sorry,  (but your glass is also wonderful Nancy, as I have already said!!  :-*).... don't get old and try to multitask at the same time, it doesn't work!!  :o

A few Mdina bits and pieces...


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