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Tiffin Twisted/Spiral Candleholders in Teal? - ID = Cambridge in opaque Jade


I've identified these candleholders from images on the internet as being likely made from Tiffin molds, but I find no references to examples in this color.  I'm interested to know if they are a "rare" variant or a modern reproduction using old molds.  Any info would be appreciated.


These are not Tiffin, they are Cambridge twist candlesticks in opaque Jade. Tiffin made a twist stick also, a virtual twin, but its a either a two part mold versus a three part mold one way or another, I forget which is which. I've noticed that 95% of your glass questions are or turn out to be U.S. related. You might consider joining the chataboutDG board which is the largest (by far) U.S. glass board...I've been on it for years & like this board which is predominately european glass driven, chataboutDG is the best U.S. glass board without question. Ken


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