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GTS mystery set no. 3 - ID = Tynesyde Glass by Sowerby

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This Ebay Listing shows 2 pieces from Mystery Trinket set 3

along with a Bagley Bamboo vase all in the same unusual Pinkish colour. I realise the colouring in the photo is somewhat dark, but it seems a good match. Perhaps Mystery Set 3 is Bagley?

But the green is nothing like Bagley green; it's a yellow green not a blue green

It's not a set which anyone's claimed as Bagley Jayne, Angela doesn't think it is, and as Christine says, the green is a very yellowy green, unlike my other Bagley pieces. You're right that the eBay pieces are a good match to the vase for colour though, so it's another of those pesky puzzles still to resolve.  I have ref pics of a whole range of colours, info which I must add to the page as well.

Fair points ladies. :)

More photos of Anne's Mystery Set 03
but this time in clear green uranium glass, and with candlesticks to perhaps aid ID.


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