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GTS mystery set no. 3 - ID = Tynesyde Glass by Sowerby

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Paul S.:
Seemed to be knee deep in trays yesterday morning, but kept hands in pockets until I saw this uranium one.     Bit busy just now so have looked at Pamela's examples only - although couldn't see it.      Interested to know if this is a named pattern, also factory if possible.        The rectangular area around the mitre decoration has been ground down  -  presumably this was to remove some sort of existing mould seam attachment possibly??       thanks for looking. :)

Ahhh Paul, I'd love to know too! It's my Mystery set no. 3 here:

Paul S.:
thanks for taking a look Anne  -  must admit that the frosted effect does make the uranium sets look very attractive.    Will keep mine for the time being, just in case someone does find a maker's name. :)

Amber set (which would seem to be complete - unless there is a ringholder found anywhere) and a part pink set. I've also seen the tray in blue.

I quite like both the frosted and the unfrosted ones of these, Paul... but the frosted one is very tricky to get good photos of, as the frosting seems to confuse the camera's focusing ability. :(


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