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Paperweight with Shield Label


Can anyone help me to identify the maker and vintage of this paperweight?

It's a very nice paperweight from the island of Murano, Italy, in the Venetian lagoon. I know that somewhere there is a series of pages that showcase Murano labels, but I don't know the link. I'm sure someone else does and will post it.

Identifying the label should help you know the factory or family of glassmakers on Murano that made the paperweight.

I really do like it. I like the blend of millefiori canes and colored latticino and ribbons. The weight was made sometime in the 1970s or 1980s, as I have something a touch similar, but not as colorful or as striking.

They also make fairy lights.

I've seen this same label on a paperweight though it was not as good as yours.

Either AVEM, or Ferro and Lazzarini (later Eugenio Ferro) are possible, I'd say.

Found it. Here is a link that will take you to the first page of the Murano label assortment. It's a nice collection of labels associated with Murano glass. But if you can't find a match, at least you know it's Murano (Italian), and a lovely one at that.


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